What to Look for in a Trampoline Swing – Top 5 Trampoline Swing Reviews

A trampoline swing is something that a lot of people don’t have, but they should most definitely invest in. Here are our top 5 trampoline swing reviews for you to choose from!

A trampoline swing is always an awesome addition to any bedroom, backyard, you name it. You could say they are one of the must-haves for every household, especially if you have children.

Although, not a lot of people know about trampoline swings, or have only seen ones that were made at home.

With this in mind, today we’re going to delve into the world of trampoline springs, what to look for when you’re purchasing one, and we’ll show you our top 5 favorite trampoline swing picks!


Top 5 Trampoline Swing Reviews

Hopefully, by looking through our top 5 trampoline swing reviews, you’ll find one that will suit your household the best.

ANCHEER Square Platform Tree Swing

The 40” Square Platform Tree Swing by ANCHEER will cost you approximately $60, comes in eight different colors and styles, and is capable of supporting multiple children or even adults.. It has a maximum weight limit of up to 440 pounds – one of the biggest in the business.

This trampoline swing is easily installed on the branch of a tree, includes a durable steel frame with foam padding for comfort and safety, and can be easily taken down. That last part’s important because this swing needs to be stored indoors when not in use if you want to prolong its lifespan. Then again, considering how cheap it is, maybe you won’t mind too much if you just leave it out.

The box contains the trampoline swing, 4 hanging rings, and 4 adjustable hanging ropes. Each rope has a length of approximately 5 feet.


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HearthSong Mega Mat Rectangular Outdoor Tree Swing

The Mega Mat Rectangular Outdoor Tree Swing by HearthSong will cost you around $80, perfect for outdoor and indoor use, and is an easy to assemble 30”x40” trampoline swing.

It’s a large, rectangular trampoline swing that uses a sturdy steel frame, is able to support up to 250 pounds of weight at the most, and won’t hold water if it’s left out in the rain. The mat seat is also more than comfortable enough for hours of use at one time.

It comes with 2 durable 63” ropes that are able to be installed on a tree branch, into your ceiling, etc. It’s large enough for multiple kids to stand, swing, etc., on it at one time.
mega mat trampoline swing

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Swing-N-Slide 40 Inch Trampoline Swing

The Swing-N-Slide 40 inch trampoline swing by SWING-N-SLIDE is a great trampoline swing set for anyone who’s looking for an inexpensive alternative to some of the other swings on this list. At this time of writing, it’s priced at a mere $49.97. And don’t worry that this is a bargain bin option, either – you’re getting far more than your money’s worth on this one.

The Swing-N-Slide comes in two different styles and supports up to 200 pounds (about three young children). It’s hung with 70″ suspensions that include 9.5″ of adjustable chain and quick links. The swing mat itself is made from a durable nylon designed for ventilation, drainage and comfort, so you should be able to leave this trampoline swing out in most weather conditions. It can also be removed and hand washed.

This swing will fit virtually any size backyard, and comes backed by the reputation of a great manufacturer that’s been in the business for almost 35 years.
trampoline swing n slide

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Joychoic 40” Diameter Tree Swing

The 40” Diameter Tree Swig by Joychoic will currently cost you around $70, has a whopping maximum weight limit of up to 400 pounds, and is able to fit multiple kids on it at one time.

It comes with a 5-foot long hanging trampoline kit, which consists of 4 Carabiners, the trampoline swing, and 2 sets of straps with a bag to store the hardware in if you’re not using it.

It’s made of a durable frame, waterproof 600D Oxford fabric, and is able to both swing and swivel around 360 degrees. You can use it on existing play sets, trees, and even indoors!
trampoline swing kids

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Swinging Monkey Products 40” Saucer

The 40” Saucer by Swinging Monkey Products costs $85, comes in blue and green, and also has a maximum weight limit of up to 400 pounds. It uses a high-quality steel frame, a 600D Oxford fabric cover, and comes with an automatic 1-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

It ships in a compact package and is able to be assembled within minutes, easily attached to a preexisting swing set, tree, or in your ceiling indoors.

What’s more, when you enter a certain code located in the product description while you’re checking out, you’ll get the free hanging strap kit! No coupon is needed, just the individual code.
Giant 40 trampoline swing

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What to Look for in a Trampoline Swing

trampoline swingEven though they may look like a toy for kids, trampoline swings are for everyone! Some people choose to set them up in their backyard, while others would rather have one in their bedroom for something like a book nook.

Because there are a range of different trampoline swings, there are a number of ways to hang them. Some are hung using a hook in your ceiling that you will have to install, while others can be tied to the branch of a tree in your backyard.

Some trampoline swings have a swing set setup with the bars you’d see in a public park, but those are pretty rare.

One of the most important things you need to look for in a trampoline swing is the weight limit. You will need to figure out who will be using the trampoline swing and whether or not it will be able to support that weight class.

Above all else, look for a trampoline swing that’s sturdy, fits the weight class needed, and will bring you and your family hours of fun.

Your New Trampoline Swing – The Ultimate Toy

As we said before, getting the best trampoline swing doesn’t mean it’s just for your kids, they’re great for users of all ages! Trampoline swings are a great way to swing in the breeze, unwind with a book, or even just lay down and watch the clouds go by.

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