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Skywalker 15′ Enclosure with Pad Review

Skywalker trampolines are known for giving you the most trampoline for your money with upholding solid products. The Skywalker 15′ trampoline is likely to be the most “normal” looking trampoline to those that are making the family purchase. Why? It looks like the more like traditional style trampoline.

Skywalker 15ft Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline

If you are tired of your children jumping on their beds or sitting on a couch playing video games every day, you should consider your option to purchase a trampoline for them. There are a lot of great options available and all of them are much safer

Skywalker Trampoline Reviews 17ft Oval

The Oval shaped Skywalker trampoline is 17’ of bouncy fun for the entire family thanks to its heavy duty steel frame and a safety enclosure that comes in your choice of colors. However, there are many people who have yet to discover the joys of bouncing on

Skywalker 15′ Rectangular Enclosure Review

As mentioned in the Pro’s section of this review, the Skywalker 15′ Rectangular trampoline is for the serious jumpers. Those into gymnastics, competitive jumping or those just looking for the most bounce out of a trampoline, this is the one. By design, rectangular trampoline provide the most

Skywalker 12′ Round Enclosure Review

The 12′ trampoline offered by Skywalker is a must consideration for those that are very concerned with price and quality. The 12′ is a nice entry-level trampoline at the lower end of the trampoline price spectrum yet without sacrificing quality. Because this is a 12′ trampoline, it is still

Skywalker 8′ Round Enclosure Review

Do you have children or grandchildren that are in that in between toddler and “big kid” stage? This is the perfect trampoline for you! The Skywalker 8′ Round trampoline has all the feel of the Skywalker 12′ or 15′ but the safety of a smaller enclosure. The

Skywalker 60″ Seaside Bouncer Review

This is the best all around mini-trampoline designed specifically for children. The Seaside Adventure Bouncer with flexible enclosure ensures that the little ones don’t slip or bounce off the side of the trampoline. This mini-trampoline was specifically designed without springs to prevent any potential pinching of tiny fingers.  Rather,