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Skywalker 15′ Enclosure with Pad Review

Skywalker trampolines are known for giving you the most trampoline for your money with upholding solid products. The Skywalker 15′ trampoline is likely to be the most “normal” looking trampoline to those that are making the family purchase. Why? It looks like the more like traditional style trampoline.

Trampoline Nets, Pads & Enclosures

Most kids love to jump. Young children will often jump on beds and floors, couches, chairs and more, if they are not given other options. This leaves parents in a constant state of worry about whether their child’s bed will break, will they fall off, and will

JumpSport Trampoline Reviews

Would you rather have your children jumping on their bed or would you prefer to give them a designated jumping area that will get them out of the house, without tearing up their bed? Every child, and most adults, enjoy jumping. It becomes a battle, whether among

AlleyOop DoubleBounce Trampoline Review

There is no better way to keep the entire family healthy and having fun than with a trampoline. When you are looking for a trampoline for your family, especially your children, you have to always consider safety first. For your little ones, you want a trampoline that

Skywalker 12′ Round Enclosure Review

The 12′ trampoline offered by Skywalker is a must consideration for those that are very concerned with price and quality. The 12′ is a nice entry-level trampoline at the lower end of the trampoline price spectrum yet without sacrificing quality. Because this is a 12′ trampoline, it is still

Skywalker 8′ Round Enclosure Review

Do you have children or grandchildren that are in that in between toddler and “big kid” stage? This is the perfect trampoline for you! The Skywalker 8′ Round trampoline has all the feel of the Skywalker 12′ or 15′ but the safety of a smaller enclosure. The

Pure Fun 12′ Round Enclosure Review

Ever heard,” you get what you pay for?” That statement couldn’t be more accurate with the Pure Fun 12′ Round Enclosure trampoline. Put simply, the trampoline is just not built to the standards of say a Skywalker 12′ or even the Pure Fun 15′ which is of a more

AirZone Outdoor Spring Trampoline Review

Children love to be active. Parents love to exercise and stay fit. There is no better way to get everyone together than an outdoor trampoline. Within the safety of your own backyard, you and your children can spend hours jumping around having a good time. If you are

Pure Fun 15′ Round Enclosure Review

Pure Fun made a step up from the 12′ version and improved on the robustness of the 15′ enclosure combo. This is another budget trampoline in comparison to some of the more expensive Skywalkers and certainly the Springfrees. However, many have found this just suitable for their needs. Usually this trampoline can be

Bounce Pro Trampoline Review

If while shopping around for a family trampoline you have visited one of your local big box retailers, you have likely come across the Bounce Pro Trampoline. The Bounce Pro, also written as BouncePro Trampoline, is very popular amongst the physical retailers such as Wal Mart, Sams Club