Propel Trampoline Reviews (Best Propel Trampolines Of 2019)

Propel is a company on the rise, and it seems like Propel trampolines are becoming more and more popular. So it looks like it’s time for another of our brand-based product review guides. In this article we’ll cover why you might consider a Propel trampoline over that of another company like Skywalker or Springfree.

We’ll also review the three best Propel trampolines for sale and answer some common questions about this brand.

propel trampoline

If you’ve been thinking of buying a Propel trampoline for yourself or your family, this article is for you!


What Sets Propel Trampolines Apart?

Propel provide good-quality trampolines at a lower price than some of the big-name brands. If you want the highest quality trampoline out there, you’re probably looking for a SpringFree or Upper Bounce model. But those can cost you thousands of dollars, while Propel trampolines are usually well under $500 USD.

And for the price, you’re still getting a solid trampoline (literally and figuratively) that doesn’t skimp on safety features.

There are two things that really set Propel trampolines apart from other cheap trampoline manufacturers. The first is that they come with a huge range of accessories – nets, shade covers, clubhouses, tents, and more in all shapes and sizes you can think of.

If any of those sound like things you might be interested in, Propel has quite simply the best quality of accessories and the widest variety of items around.

The second distinction of Propel trampolines is that they’re known for being very bouncy because they have a lot of springs. If you want a high-bounce trampoline at a price that won’t break the bank, Propel is a good name to look for.

Best Propel Trampoline Reviews

If you’re looking for a Propel trampoline, here’s three of the best around. We’ve tried all these trampolines for ourselves and can vouch for their quality, although different trampolines may come with different minor quirks.

P14D-BE Propel 14 Foot Trampoline With Enclosure

The P14D-BE is one of the most popular Propel trampolines for sale. It costs about $310 USD, and for another $175 dollars you can include expert assembly so you don’t have to set it up yourself. However, Propel trampolines tend to be pretty easy to assemble on your own, so that extra price probably won’t be necessary for most consumers.

This Propel 14 foot trampoline has an absorbent bungee enclosure to keep the bouncers from jumping out and hurting themselves and a weather- and rust-proof design that means you can probably leave it out year-round.

It has a maximum weight limit of 275 pounds which means that it can be used by children or adults (provided they bounce one at a time) and T-bracket technology that makes it extra-stable.

The coolest thing about this Propel trampoline is that it’s one of the bounciest trampolines available for sale today (and certainly the bounciest you can get for this price.) With 72 springs and an impact-absorbent design, kids and adults can launch themselves to great heights without worrying about hurting themselves or damaging the trampoline.

So if you want a great high-bounce Propel trampoline at a price that won’t break the bank, consider buying the P14D-BE.

Propel trampoline reviews

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12 Foot Propel Trampoline With Enclosure

This Propel 12 foot trampoline is another popular model that’s a little bit smaller than the P14D-BE and might therefore fit in your backyard a little better. It costs $219 USD at time of writing and also comes with an optional $175 assembly.

This trampoline is very similar to the previous model. It has the same great safety features – stabilizing T-bracket technology, the impact-absorbent response system, and the padded safety net and spring covers.

It also has the same number of springs and therefore a comparable bounce height. The weight limit is a little smaller at only 250 pounds, but that should still work fine for most children and adults.

So if you like the sound of the P14D-BE but are looking for an option that’s a little smaller and/or about a hundred dollars cheaper, the Propel 12 foot trampoline might be the one for you!

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PTS55-RE Propel Preschool Trampoline

The last two trampolines we’ve talked about are good if you’re looking for something for adults or older kids. But the Propel Preschool Trampoline is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers who want a fun and safe way to exercise.

It costs $79.99 USD at time of writing and also comes with an optional $175 assembly (but since this is a small toddler trampoline, we can’t imagine you’ll need it.)

This trampoline forgoes conventional springs entirely in the name of safety, and the bounce of the trampoline is instead provided by 30 heavy-duty bungees.

Young children are less likely to hurt themselves with these bungees than they are by curiously sticking their fingers into springs (although you should NEVER let your preschooler use a trampoline without adult supervision.)

The thick, foam-padded base, mat, frames, and poles are likewise designed to prevent injury while bouncing.

Plus, the enclosure on this trampoline is much larger than it usually is on a preschool trampoline, so even with the added bounce of a Propel trampoline you don’t have to worry about your child falling out and hurting themselves.

So if you’re looking for an indoor or outdoor Propel trampoline that’s designed for maximum safety, the Propel Preschool Trampoline might be for you.

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Propel Trampoline FAQ

How To Setup A Propel Trampoline

Your enclosed user manual should tell you how to set up your specific style of Propel trampoline. If you’ve lost the manual and want our detailed assembly guide for most trampolines, you can click here to read our article about how to setup a Propel trampoline.

Propel Trampoline VS Skywalker – Which To Buy

If you want great accessories, a Propel trampoline is definitely the way to go. Propel trampolines also tend to be a lot cheaper, usually costing between 60 and 500 dollars while Skywalker trampolines range from $240 to $700. However, Skywalker trampolines tend to be of a higher quality and will last longer than Propel models. Skywalker trampolines also come in a more diverse range of shapes and sizes.

So when it comes down to the question of Propel Trampoline vs Skywalker, it depends on how much money you’re willing to spend and what features you’re looking for.

Propel Trampoline VS Bounce Pro – Which To Buy

Bounce Pro trampolines and Propel Trampolines fill similar niches – they’re both less expensive alternatives to the big-name trampoline brands like Skywalker or Springfree. They’re almost the same price – at time of writing, a 14-foot Bounce Pro trampoline costs $319 USD while the 14-foot Propel trampoline model costs $309.

The biggest difference between the two is that Bounce Pro trampolines are, ironically, less bouncy because they have fewer springs. We also prefer the Propel safety net enclosure to the Bounce Pro version. So, overall, we would recommend that you buy a Propel trampoline instead of a Bounce Pro model.

Where Can I Buy A Propel Trampoline For Sale?

The best place to buy Propel trampolines is on Amazon, which is why we’ve linked to them in our Propel trampoline reviews above. Amazon usually has the cheapest prices and the fastest shipping. However, you can also buy Propel Trampolines on their website or on the shelves in the outdoor and sporting goods sections of some brick-and-mortar stores.


We hope that this comprehensive guide has helped you find the Propel trampoline that’s best for you – or, perhaps, stopped you from purchasing something you don’t really want. If you like our writing at Trampoline Review Guide and want to support it, please consider clicking the Amazon links above – because of our partnership with the Amazon Affiliate program, we get a little bit of money every time you do. Happy trampolining!