Skywalker 8′ Round Enclosure Review

Do you have children or grandchildren that are in that in between toddler and “big kid” stage? This is the perfect trampoline for you! The Skywalker 8′ Round trampoline has all the feel of the Skywalker 12′ or 15′ but the safety of a smaller enclosure. The 8′ trampoline is suitable for jumpers up to 150 lbs, and is not meant for bigger jumpers. The 8′ trampoline make assembly considerably easier compared to the likes of the larger trampolines. Best yet, this trampoline has all the safety features of a larger trampoline such as net enclosure and spring pad.


Skywalker 8′ Round Features

  • T-Socket enclosure to frame connection to help prevent frame twisting
  • Button hole connection for enclosure net to safety pad
  • Suspended curved enclosure frame
  • Rust resistant springs, 56 count
  • Vinyl UV protectant safety pad

Shipping Size

  • 43 X 24 X 9 inches
  • 87 lbs
  • Available in US


All the full-sized trampoline feeling packed into a small package. Offers the perfect solution for smaller jumpers (up to 150 lbs) especially if space is limited. High Quality product at the right size.


Cannot accommodate larger jumpers (150+lbs), but then again that is the point of the smaller trampoline

Skywalker Common Questions

Q: Can this trampoline be left outside to the elements?

A: Absolutely, this is an outdoor, weather-tested trampoline

Q: Online, I have seen the max weight 150 AND 175lbs, which is correct?

A: 150lbs is what is listed in the manual and on the box

Q: Does the trampoline fold up for storage?

A: No, much like a standard sized trampoline, the 8′ Skywalker does not fold up


Skywalker 8′ Round Reviews

Needless to say, the community as a whole highly recommends the Skywalker 8′ Round. The one complaint we have seen amongst the reviews we have combed through is that the box arriving damaged. Although, we cannot confirm if this is due to the shipping company or defective boxes from the factory. Nonetheless, it seems everyone was successfully able to assemble the trampoline. Read More Owner Reviews⇒