Kids Indoor Trampoline – Top Ranked Indoor Trampolines for Kids

It has been proven that kids today do not get the exercise that they should on a daily basis. This is most often linked to the fact that television and computers, cell phones or tablets, make it easy for kids to spend too much time on the couch. Perhaps instead of allowing this to happen in your home, you should encourage your kids to get up and put a little bounce in their days. An indoor trampoline for kids could be your new best friend, even on rainy days that usually do contribute to a case of laziness.


Kids Indoor Trampolines Encourage Healthy Fun

Once upon a time, rainy days were the only reason that kids would sit inside the house. A rainy day was a permission slip to watch television or jump on the computer instead of go outside and ride bikes. Now, children did not always wait for those rainy days. They simply spend time indoors. It starts with toddlers and continues throughout their entire childhood. It is a simple fact that has led to childhood obesity and other health concerns for the children we all love.

An indoor outdoor trampoline can encourage your kids to get up off the couch and help them to get a little trampoline exercise. They will enjoy jumping as soon as they realize how much fun it can be. You can use it indoors or outdoors. There are a variety of sizes available, though most people choose a small indoor trampoline. You can even get specially designed a toddler indoor trampoline to encourage even the smallest children to get up and get to jumping.

As well as being more fun than a computer game or a television set, trampolines can be a great way to help your children have a healthier heart. It can increase their balance and coordination. It can help them keep toned muscles and to maintain a healthier weight. What’s not to love about all the benefits?

What Makes a Good Kids Indoor Trampoline?

Indoor trampolines are smaller than regular outdoor trampolines. They are made with a durable and sturdy frame. Some have handles for kids (see kids trampolines with bars here) to hang on to, some are shaped, and many will have safety nets so that parents can relax while their kids are playing on the trampoline.

If you look at the Little Tikes 7’ trampoline, you will see that it has safety springs, protection pads and more which will make it great for indoor or outdoor use. However, perhaps you will gain more information by simply reading the reviews of a few of the most popular kids’ indoor trampolines.

Kids Indoor Trampoline Reviews

Best Choice Products 54” Round Kids Mini Trampoline w/ Enclosure Net Pad Rebounder

This kid’s trampoline is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. It is small enough to be used in the kid’s play room because it is only 54” in diameter. It has a full safety net that measures 72 4/5” in height, so that you can relax while your child bounces their way to a healthier habit. It also has a padded cushion that is durable and waterproof. Even the steel frame bars are covered so that a stumble on your child’s part will not become a painful experience. Because safety is a concern for any parent, this trampoline also uses a non-spring bungee design. Read More Here⇒

Upper Bounce 7Ft Indoor/Outdoor Classic Trampoline and Enclosure Set

If you want an indoor trampoline in the kids’ play room that is actually large enough to play on, this could be the ideal solution in your home. It is made with high quality material and it comes with a durable safety pad. A 3” skirt further pads the area around the frames and legs. The jumping mat is made with heavy duty PP mesh and the springs are 6.5”. The enclosure is netted and covers the full diameter of the trampoline surface so your children will not lose jump space. You’ll notice that this trampoline is very similar to the My First Trampoline, which is very popular as well. You can read our full review of the  First Trampoline Review Here⇒


Pure Fun 55” Kids Trampoline and Enclosure Set

The coolest thing about this trampoline for kids is the way it is made. From top to bottom, you will find galvanized iron steel for durability and rust resistance, a T-section assembly so that it will not shift over time, W shaped legs to give it eight contact points on the floor to lessen the potential of wobbling and tipping, and even a two year warranty. It has a full safety net that even encloses the underneath side of it so that you do not have to worry about toys getting under the trampoline and hurting your kids when they bounce. This is practically the same as a miniature version of one of our full sized top rated trampolines 

With a Kids Indoor Trampoline, You Can Relax and Enjoy Their Fun

As you can see from the reviews, an indoor trampoline for kids are designed with safety in mind. However, some parents are still unsure about the safety behind trampolines. Some parents prefer that their kids have something beyond a net to keep them from falling off. If you are one of these parents, perhaps a trampoline like the Pure Fun Kids Jumper or the Little Tikes 3Ft Trampoline could be a better option for you. These two trampolines have a handlebar instead of the net.

When it comes to your child, you deserve a children’s indoor trampoline that will allow you to relax and simply enjoy the fact that your kids are up off the couch and doing something healthier. That is why many people choose kid friendly indoor trampolines for their kids. Are you ready to help your kids become more active?

FAQ About Kids Indoor Trampolines

FAQ about Kids Indoor Trampolines

If you don’t see your question, or an answer to it, listed below in our FAQ section, feel free to get in touch with us.

Which is the best indoor kids trampoline?

Based on our standards, we’ve chosen the 54” Round Kids Mini Trampoline w/ Enclosure Net Pad Rounder by, ironically, Best Choice Products. It’s both safe, tons of fun for kids, and small enough to be brought inside to double as an indoor/outdoor trampoline.

Read our article about Best Mini Trampolines with Enclosures here!

What is the right age to introduce a toddler trampoline?

When it comes to a kids indoor trampoline specifically for toddlers, you have to be very careful. We recommend that a child no younger than 2 years of age be on a trampoline.

Which features should I look for in a trampoline for kids?

First, you need to think about the age/ages of your kid/kids. If they are a toddler, you should look for one that has safety features, such as a handle bar that they can hold onto, for example. Covering for the springs is another important feature that you should look for. They ensure no fingers or toes are pinched in the springs. You will also want to look at a mini trampoline for kids to start with if you have a kid at a toddler age.

For older children, you should look for covering for the springs and a safety net enclosure to ensure nobody bounces off and hit the ground. Looking for a mini trampoline for kids isn’t always necessary when it comes to older kids, but if you have limited space indoors, a mini one will do the trick. A small trampoline with net can go a long way to help your kids release their energy in a healthy way.

Would an indoor trampoline be good to get my kids active?

Absolutely. What better way than to introduce a kid active trampoline? Trampolines are a fun, healthy way to get your kids active, even if it’s one that is only used indoors.

What are the health benefits of a kids mini trampoline?

Giving your kids a mini trampoline, especially if they’re a toddler, is the best way to get ahead of motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It gives them a healthy outlet to spend their energy on, which is great for kids with endless energy.

On a trampoline, kids use both sides of their brain as well as both sides of their body in order to balance properly on a trampoline. This improves and works out their main coordination and balance skills, increasing their motor skills over a period of time.

Trampolining can even improve a child’s self-esteem, interestingly enough. As they master new skills, such as the removal of a handlebar, their self-image will be fueled in a positive, enlightening way.

You can also expect to see improvement in their flexibility, as well. Using a trampoline lengthens and strengthens their muscles while improving their levels of flexibility.

Finally, jumping on a trampoline improves the heart rate of a child and offers a workout like no other.

What is the best size of trampoline for toddlers?

In short, we highly recommend a little tikes 3’ trampoline for toddlers, and a bounce pro 7’ my first trampoline, or some of the other trampolines that we have outlined for you within this post.

At what age should I introduce a kids indoor trampoline?

As we previously mentioned before, kids as young as 2 can be introduced to the fun of trampolines. However, when they are this young, you should only introduce them to a mini trampoline with bar to hang onto for safety reasons. Jumping toys, such as a bouncy ball with handle for toddlers, are only as safe as you make them, so always watch your young children when they’re using a trampoline.

What is the best size trampoline for 7 year old?

When it comes to an indoor trampoline, size can be a bit of an issue. However, looking for an 8 foot or under trampoline for a 7 year old who will be using it inside is your best bet, which should also be a low to the ground trampoline.