Trampoline Weight Limits: Everything You Need to Know

If you are considering a trampoline, you most likely already know that there are a lot of things you need to consider. There are different shapes, different sizes, different uses, and even different weight limits on them. This can make it somewhat tricky to decide which trampoline is right for your family, especially if you consider weight limits. It may seem like you have to ask each person how much they weigh before you can let them on. In some cases, this may be a wise choice considering the trampoline weight limit is very important. Most tend to play it on the safe side and get a trampoline which can handle higher weight limits which provide more versatility to a family.

Why Do Trampolines have Weight Limits?

Ask anyone about a trampoline and sometimes they will mention weight limit while other times it is something that is overlooked. This is because most people do not realize how important it is. Paying attention to the weight limit on your trampoline, could very well increase the safety of it in ways that you would not have imagined.

trampoline weight limits

If you purchase a trampoline that has a weight rating for a small child, such as a toddler trampoline, and then you put an adult on it that weighs 150 pounds, you will put unnecessary stress on the springs, the mat, and the frame. This simple fact should be a given, but some people do not pay attention to the warning signs of a potential problem.

On the other side of things, if you have a trampoline that has a weight limit of 400 pounds (like some adult trampolines) and you put 3 adults on it, you run the same risks. However, three kids would be able to jump without worrying over the weight limits of the trampoline jumping surface.

All of this means that before you run out and purchase a trampoline for your family, you need to consider how much weight may be put onto it, not just today, but even a few years from now. The reason for this is simple. Kids do grow up. They have friends over and therefore a higher weight limit may still be preferable.

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How is Trampoline Weight Limits Determined?

To understand this, you must first kind of understand what trampolines are made of. The weight limit for trampolines is determined by which materials it is made of. For instance, a trampoline with a lower weight capacity will use springs that are easier to flex whereas a trampoline with a higher weight capacity will have tighter springs. There may also be different types of metal in the frame and added support for the trampolines with a higher weight limit.

The same can be said for the difference between a professional type trampoline over a trampoline that is designed for home and casual use. One type will be more able to tolerate the higher weight capacity because it is more for group use than the other one may be.

A trick trampoline may have a lower weight limit so that the bouncer can get more spring on his bounce, especially since there is a good chance that the trick bouncer will be on the trampoline without others. Either way, the mat is probably still going to be made with the waterproof canvas or woven polypropylene materials, but the steel coiled springs and supports on it is where you will see the difference and of course, where the manufacturers look when they are trying to determine how much weight can a trampoline hold.

Explore the Weight Limit on Trampolines

A kid’s trampoline such as the My First Trampoline is designed for children who are between 3 and 10 years old. This means that it most likely has a weight limit of less than 100 pounds on it. If you take a look at the adult trampolines or even the Kidwise Magic Circle, you can safely put up to 450 pounds on it without worry about your safety or the safety of the kids you care about. The trampoline weight limit is all about the way it is put together and if you have kids that are growing up quickly, a trampoline with higher weight limits is probably going to be your best bet.

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ACON Air is a new trampoline brand from Finland. If you’re looking for a trampoline with No Single User weight limit then this is the trampoline brand for you. We are not aware of any other trampoline with the same weight rating. These are heavy duty and durable trampolines. These also are great trampolines for adult jumpers.


Just Play it Safe

Before you run out to purchase your new trampoline, ask yourself how much weight will it need to hold in a couple years? This will help you to determine the trampoline weight limit you are looking for. Then you will want to look at user reviews and the trampoline specs to discover how much weight can a trampoline hold. By doing these two things, you will be able to eliminate all of your concerns about the trampoline weight limit on the one you are looking at.

trampoline weight limits