Trampoline Tent and Trampoline Beds for Kids and Adults

Have you ever spent time jumping on a trampoline and gotten tired of jumping so you sat down on it? Perhaps you have spent time talking on the trampoline with friends or watched your children climb up onto it and relax while playing outside. Trampolines are fun regardless of what you use them for. This has led to some very creative souls figuring out out a way to take the average trampoline and make it even more extraordinary by turning them into the perfect tent or awe inspiring bed.

What is a Trampoline Tent

A trampoline tent is an enclosure that covers your trampoline. Kids will love to have their friends over for outside sleepovers. Being up off of the ground helps keep moisture and bugs off the kids. If you plan to have a lot of kids sleep over I would make sure they do not exceed the weight limit so you do not damage your trampoline mat. On those hot summer days the cover can also keep your kids out of the sun. Depending on their jumping ability they may not be able to jump as high due to the enclosure but they can still have fun.

How Do You Make a Trampoline Tent

Some people would rather make a trampoline tent instead of buying one. This could be due to the cost of having to buy a trampoline. One simply way we’ve seen with round trampolines is by adding a parachute to the top of a trampoline. You ties the parachute ends to the poles on the trampoline. This will basically enclose the top of the trampoline and make it feel more like a tent. You could also due this a circular tarp.

You can purchase trampoline tents rather than make your own. They are available in a variety of styles for you to choose from. Perhaps the easiest way to explain what they are is to talk about some of the various types. Here are a few examples and reviews of the various tent styles that are available for your trampoline.

Bazoongi Jump Pod Trampoline Tent

This tent has an open top. It has a galvanized steel frame to resist rust. The springs are also made of 42 3.5” galvanized steel and feature a unique over/under spring design to ensure added safety for your child on this 7.5ft diameter trampoline. The legs are steel and in a U shape to provide stability. The bonus of this over traditional trampoline sets that include a net is the fact that it has a zippered entrance area to ensure there are no areas that a child can fall out of and off the trampoline. It tents them into a safety cocoon which makes it great if you are purchasing a first trampoline for your child. More Reviews On Jump Pod Here⇒

With this trampoline set, you have the option to accessorize it further by purchasing a full tent for your children. Two common styles are the Treehouse Tent and the Circus Tent. Both are made with polyester material that meets CPAI standards. They have the G3 patent fiberglass pole so that you can construct the internal frame and hold the top up. There are windows to ensure air flow inside of the tent. These windows have roll downs that are made of polyester for use when airflow inside is not necessarily something your child wants. The doorways have and zipper enclosures. You will simply have to slide the tent down over the net that you already get with the Jump Pod.

The main difference between these two options is the color. The Treehouse Tent is covered with leaves and it is colored with earthy tones of green and browns. The Circus Tent is designed with a bolder color pattern and uniquely shaped windows. Both of these styles are designed purely with fun in mind for your child. Read More About the Trampoline Tent Here⇒

JumpSport BigTop Trampoline Tent

This is the ideal tent for larger 12-14ft diameter trampolines that already have JumpSport Safety Enclosures on it. It creates a tent that is 11 feet across and 5 1/2 feet high which makes it large enough for several children to enjoy at one time. It does not have a pole in the middle to give support to the BigTop. The tent has three windows, screens and a door that has zippers as well as a full floor and double stitched seams. This tent does require a round trampoline and it will not work with other safety enclosures from other companies. It does attach easily and can be set up in about 5 minutes of your time.

It is a great place for several kids to have a secret hideout or club house. It is ideal for nights when your children want to camp out in the backyard and will get a group of ten-year-olds out of your house when they come for a slumber party. You kids will love it and you will as well.

Propel Trampolines Club House Tent

21The Propel trampoline cover is only for Propel and Kinetic trampolines. You could try to make it work on your trampoline if you have a one that is the same size but you may need to make some small modifications. The opening is zippered and can be tied open or closed so kids do not have to keep unzipping. It also has three screened windows which can also be tied up or down. It fully covers your trampoline and is weather resistant. It is made out of one piece of material so assembly time should be quick and fairly easy.

Creating a Trampoline Bed

Trampoline BedA trampoline bed makes use of a trampoline that is no longer being used for its original purpose. It is something that anyone can create with a few great ideas and a little time. The end result will amaze anyone who sees it inside your home.

If you are interested in turning your old trampoline that is no longer a toy that your children spend hours on, it is an easy thing to do. You can then put it into your bedroom and create a romantic area for yourself to sleep in or you can put it into your child’s room to give them a bed that all of their friends will want.

To start, you simply need to find a trampoline that is the size you want. The larger your trampoline is, the bigger your bed will be and the more room it will take up inside your home. This could be a major issue for some people and therefore it is worthy of consideration.

From there, you will most likely need to remove the legs. No one wants to hop into a bed that is three feet off the floor. You are recycling an old trampoline and making it usable again, but this does not mean that you must have it look like a trampoline inside your home.

After you remove the legs, you will need to decide on the area you want to hang it. This does mean finding one of the support beams for your ceiling and attaching a hook of some sort that is able to hold up the weight. From there, you will use ropes. These ropes will need to be secured to the trampoline and the hook in your ceiling. You can do this by using a very long rope and running it over the hook before attaching it to the other side of the trampolines metal ring. This process may require several ropes to give your trampoline mat stability and to ensure that it is level. Many people tie so many ropes around the trampoline that it creates a rope tent. Obviously you will want to leave one area empty of ropes so that you can get in and out of the bed.

The final step in creating your trampoline bed is to decorate it as you want to. You can wrap the metal circle and springs in padded cloth or you can put a padded mat over the trampoline’s mat. You can throw in several pillows or stuffed animals, wrap it with a sheer fabric to make it romantic, or do any number of other things to make it a fun place for you to relax. Your imagination should be your only guide during this part of creating a trampoline bed.

If you want a trampoline bed, but you do not have the room for it, you can also build one for outside. You can hang it from a tree or build an area for it to hang from. Either way, it will make a great place to enjoy the outdoors when you give a new twist to the old hammock idea.