Calories Burned On A Trampoline

If you are looking for a fun, exciting, heart pounding way to go about losing excess calories, you are not alone. Most people hate the idea of exercise because it is a boring routine and no one likes boring. Days spent at the gym means you pedal a while, lift a while, perhaps go through a cardio workout routine, and then you go home. At home, you may purchase a DVD or something similar to help you dance or squat your way to less weight, but DVDs also become repetitive. Wouldn’t it be better if you could simply have fun and watch the calories fade away? A lot of people have said, “Yes” and they are the ones who have found out how many calories can be burned while bouncing.

Bounce Your Calories Away On A Trampoline

Kids everywhere enjoy bouncing on trampolines. You can learn by their example. When those kids are bouncing on the bed, the trampoline, your sofa, or anywhere else they can find, they are burning calories and giving their heart a workout at the same time. In fact, they are burning more calories than they would participating in a gym class or running laps around the yard. Best of all though, is that they are having an unimaginable amount of fun and you could be doing it as well by deciding to add a fitness trampoline workout to your normal workout routine.

Why Trampolines Work Best?

People get bored with routines. Even someone who jogs or walks as exercise will occasionally take a different route to get a view of something new. They also listen to their radio or find other ways to amuse themselves while doing it. When you are bouncing your way to a healthier you, you do not have to work so hard to be less bored with it. Bouncing on a trampoline automatically encourages your body to produce endorphins, which will make you happier. Perhaps what causes it is the freedom of falling back to the trampoline mat or maybe it is simply because most adults have not experienced bouncing since they were kids.

Trampoline Fitness Class or Simply Bouncing?

If you are wondering how many calories burned on a trampoline, the answer is going to be based on your weight and how long you are actively bouncing. For someone who is about 150 pounds and they commit to bouncing for only 10 minutes, they will burn only about 43 calories. However, if that same person bounces for 30 minutes they will burn closer to 130 calories. This may not seem like much, but when you consider an hour long walk will do the same and you are strengthening your entire body, it is not a bad idea. So then you are faced with the choice of taking trampoline fitness classes or bouncing at home.

At home, many people recommend you consider using the Urban Rebounder exercise trampoline. It is designed specifically for an adult who wants to bounce calories away and it comes with everything you need to get a successful workout. You can learn more about it by reading our full review here You simply have to be able to motivate yourself to get up and get busy doing the trampoline exercise, and this is difficult for some people when at home.

In a trampoline workout class, it is easier to become motivated because there are so many people their having fun along side you. You will learn new ways that you can bounce, stretches you can do, and you will most likely gain more from your fitness trampoline workout. If nothing else, you will have an instructor there who can help you bounce safely and they may be able to help you to burn more calories by adding in other types of exercises.

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