Rebounder Workout Guide (Best Rebounder Workouts 2019)

rebounder workout guide

A rebounder workout involves your entire body, giving you access to the ultimate workout with the least amount of effort. There are a lot of different rebound workouts out there for you to choose from.

Today, we’ll be going over some of the top rebound workouts to give you an idea of which ones will work best for you based on the outcome you’re looking for.


Rebounder Workout Benefits

Before we get to some rebounder workouts, it’s important to know just what they can do for you in terms of health benefits.

Listed below are some of the top, most common rebounder workout benefits that you can expect once you get into the action:

  • Protects your joints and prevents rough impact and chronic fatigue that result from exercising on hard surfaces, such as jogging on a concrete sidewalk
  • Provides an increased gravitational load, also known as G-force, which increases the strength of the body’s musculoskeletal systems
  • Increases your body’s respiration capacity and circulates additional oxygen to the tissues
  • Stimulates the lymphatic system, which further improves the body’s immune capacity, bettering your chances at fighting off diseases, eliminating cancer, preventing future illness, and lessening antigens
  • Assists and positively affects the rehabilitation process of existing and/or current heart problems, as well as the recovery process from heart procedures


Incorporating a rebound workout in your daily routine, even if it’s only 15 minutes per day, reaps a wide variety of benefits that your body will thank you for. The following examples above are only just a handful of examples. In total, there are close to 100 benefits of rebound workout benefits!

Rebounder Workout Routines

There are a number of different rebounder workout routines for different outcomes. There are rebounder workouts for beginners, with weights, and for your immune system.

Rebounder Workouts for Beginners

Starting off with rebounder workouts for beginners, start with a couple of light bounces. This is the most simple workout for beginners that you can do on a rebounder. All you have to do is stand with your back straight, and bounce lightly so your feet slightly leave the jump surface of the rebounder.

Light jogging is another great rebounder workout for beginners. It works exactly as it sounds – jogging lightly on your rebounder. This time, however, your feet are going to go a little bit higher off the jump surface compared to the previous workout we mentioned.

Lastly, heel lifts are done by bouncing up and down gently while alternating your heels off the rebounder’s jump surface. You will need to keep your soles on the jump surface at the same time, however. Don’t worry, this exercise is easier than it sounds!

Rebounder Workouts With Weights

Rebounder workouts with weights is the next level after the beginner workouts. These should only be done after you’re more experienced with your rebounder

Starting with jogging with dumbbells is a perfect example of easing your way into rebounder workouts with weights. Take two lightweight dumbbells and jog a bit higher than you did when you were jogging on your rebounder during the beginner exercise. Make sure your elbows are bent, the dumbbells are at your chest level, and you’re lifting your knees as high as you can each bounce.

Another exercise that involves weights with your rebounder is the sitting bounce with dumbbells. This one may seem more simple than the previous exercise, but it’s actually more of a workout. Holding your dumbbells in each hand, drop your shoulders, stretch your arms out with your palms pointed down, and straighten your back. While squeezing your abdominal muscles, gently bounce yourself into a sitting position up and down on the jump surface.

If you’re looking for a more energizing rebounder workout with weights, try jumping with dumbbells. This workout is done exactly as it sounds – hold the weights in your hands and jump up and down on the jump surface. Alternatively, you can also pump your arms holding the dumbbells while jumping up and down.

Rebounder Workout for Immune System

As we mentioned earlier, a rebound workout a day improves your immune system at an incredible rate. When it comes to a specific rebounder workout for immune system, however, you can pretty much do any type of workout.

In fact, even jumping up and down on your rebounder a minimum of 15 times per day vastly improves your entire body over time, not just your immune system.

Rebounder Workouts for Seniors

A rebounder is the best exercise tool for seniors, hands down. Because the workouts are already gentle on the body, they’re just what seniors need to stay healthy.

A workout as simple as rebound walking, walking regularly on your rebounder, is a great exercise for seniors.

In fact, seniors who suffer from arthritis, for example, can greatly benefit from walking on a rebounder. Light jogging is also a great rebound workout for seniors, as well.

Rebounder Workouts for Weight Loss

Using a rebounder is going to help you lose weight either way, but if you’re looking for a specific workout that will help you get the results you’re hoping for at a faster rate.

Jumping with heavier dumbbells is one of the best ways to lose weight faster using a rebounder. We mentioned using dumbbells earlier on in our beginners section, but for this workout, you’re going to need heavier dumbbells.

Running in place is another great workout using a rebounder to lose weight faster. This exercise is more than self-explanatory, but you can also add dumbbells to this workout if you’re up for it, as well!

Rebound Workout – The Best Body Workouts

Any rebound workout is going to improve your body, even if it’s just a 20-minute workout that you do once a day. No matter what type of results you’re looking for, practically any rebound workout will get you there! There’s lots of great rebounder trampolines available if you know where to look, and we have plenty of reviews you can check out to learn more.