Jump Zone Trampoline Reviews

When it comes to getting kids up and having fun, parents often have a hard time competing with video games and other devices. One solution to this problem could be the Jump ZoneTM Indoor/Outdoor trampoline and it is truly one of the best possible trampolines for either area.

Jump Zone Trampoline Features

This trampoline has six plastic legs to protect your flooring. Making it suitable to put it into your child’s playroom. This feature also helps to keep it quieter while using it in the home.

It still has a very sturdy steel frame to give you piece of mind when it comes to your child’s safety. Another bonus is that there is a full, zippered safety net as well as no scratch safety springs that are 5.5”. Combined, these features all provide plenty of safety and a whole lot of bounce.

All surfaces and steel is covered with high density foam pad protectors or polyethylene, which makes up the net. The jumping surface is made with polypropylene to give it life for many years.

When using it as an outdoor trampoline, the padding and all other surfaces of it, are UV resistant. Sun, wind, rain, and other issues will be no match to the Jump Sport.

It is safe for children who are between 3 years and up. However, the maximum weight limit is 100 pounds. Which means for most children, they will need to stop bouncing on it at about 10 years old. However, some parental reviews state that they purchased it for their two year olds and their child loved bouncing on it. Others state that it can hold well beyond the 100 pound limit. For this you will have to use your own discretion and what you feel is safest for your child.

The Jump Zone trampoline reviews also show that average users are able to put it together with relative ease. This is a definite bonus over some of the other trampolines available where people must struggle through putting together. As easy as this one is, you should have a child happily bouncing within a couple hours of it arriving at your home. Read More Owner Reviews⇒

How Does it Measure Up to Other Trampolines for Kids?

When it comes to price, the Upper Bounce trampoline and the My First Trampoline are both comparable in price, with the My First being slightly more expensive. They both are usable indoors and out. They all have legs that are easy on floors and built for stability. Each trampoline type is rated for 3 to 10 years, or 100 pounds maximum. Size is also the same between them all.

The best part is, overall ratings on each of these trampolines is fairly high. If you wish to know more about the My First trampoline you can read the reviews here. The Upper Bounce can be found by visiting here.

When it comes to pros and cons between the many trampolines for children, you will soon discover that most all promise the same things. Therefore, most parents end up basing their choices on how much it costs. What will you base your choices on?