Best Trampoline Tricks: Learn About Flips and Handstands On Your Trampoline

Admit it -at least half of the fun of owning a trampoline is seeing how high you can bounce and seeing what trampoline tricks you can do in the air.

A successful bounce that sends you higher into the air than you may have expected is probably the closest thing that most people will ever get to flying.

Many may think they need a gymnastics trampoline or maybe even an adult trampoline, but this is simply not the case.

It does not matter whether they simply bounce up and land on their bottom only to bounce up and land back onto their feet or if they have mastered the skill of back flipping mid-bounce.

The joy of accomplishment is still the same.

If you want to try a few new tricks to impress yourself or your friends, here are a few of the best trampoline tricks for you to try.


Beginner Trampoline Tricks

trampoline tricksIf you are new to the world of trampoline tricks, it is always best to start out simple. This will lessen the risk of you getting hurt while trying to do unimaginable things. These easy tricks are simple to do and fun to experiment with while you learn how to fly just a little bit higher. Please remember that trampoline safety is always paramount.

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The Tuck Jump

The Tuck Jump is a very basic move that is basically the first stepping stone into other trampoline tricks. You will need to use the Tuck Jump in order to tuck yourself up at a quick pace to get the rotation that is needed for other styles of jumps.

To do the Tuck Jump, all you need to do is bring your knees up to your chest when you jump and use your hands to grab just below your knees while in the air. Very simple, super fun!

The Straddle Jump

The Straddle Jump is a great way to improve your balance and get your bearings when it comes to doing some of the later moves when he have listed below. To do the Straddle Jump, jump and spread your legs in a star position while lifting them up at least 90 degrees. You can stretch your arms, hands, or both while doing this trick, as well.

The Pike Jump

Much like the Straddle Jump, the Pike Jump is done by jumping and keeping your legs together instead of out to the sides. It’s also a great time to stretch your arms to touch your toes.

The Seat Landing

The Seat Landing is a trampoline trick you probably know or have seen before. It’s one of the easiest tricks to do and requires very little effort. All you need to do, is get a couple of good jumps going. When you feel you’re going high enough, simply point your legs straight out, land in a sitting position with your hands down to brace, and you’ll bounce back up. This move is needed on our trampoline trick list for the next one below!

The Swivel Hips

The Swivel Hips can take a couple of minutes to get the hang of, but once you do, they’re a lot of fun to do! Once you’ve got the Seat Landing trick down, you can swivel your hips while in the air after bouncing back up to land in the other position once you go back down.

The Half and Full Twist

Even though the Half and Full Twist seem like an advanced trick, they’re actually quite easy to do. You’ll be spinning in a circle, but not using your arms. Instead, you’ll be twisting half of your body, or your entire body, depending on the amount of twist you’re comfortable doing.

Putting your arms above your head or just keeping them at your side is fine, but don’t use them when you do your twisting. If you want the trick to look better, try adding a Tuck Jump in the mix.

The Front Drop

This trick can seem a little scary, but there are ways to make sure you don’t hurt yourself while you do it. To do the Front Drop, all you have to do is gain some air by jumping. Once you have a comfortable amount of air, drop your body like a plank facing forward on the trampoline.

To make sure you don’t hit your face off of the jump mat, have your arms in a triangular shape with your hands out before while you are coming back down to the mat.

The Back Drop

Much like the Front Drop, the Back Drop has the same instructions to it. This time, however, you are going to propel your body backward so you’re planking on your back. You can have your arms up to your head and or at your sides, whichever you prefer to do. You can also stick your legs straight out in the air, which is preferable for most who do this trick.

The Knee Drop

The Knee Drop is a very simple, yet very cool, trampoline trick. All you need to do, is jump as high as you can go, land on your knees, and then pop straight back up. It’s a lot like the Seat trick, but you’re doing it with your knees and you’ll go much higher.

The Somersault

The Somersault is a very easy trick to do. You’ll need to get the hang of it in order to perform the Front Flip later on! All you have to do is a minor bounce, propel your body forward a little, and do a small roll. You can also do one straight in the air once you get more comfortable with them, as well.

The Double Bounce

This is an awesome trick that will require two or more jumpers to do. The Double Bounce propels one jumper straight up by giving them an extra boost, so one of you will go soaring.

Start with some regular bounces and jumps, going in somewhat of a rhythm together. Next, your partner should land a split second earlier than you do, which will pull the trampoline down using their weight. When they do, you’ll hit the mat and jump much higher than you could on your own.

Keep in mind, however, this is best done by jumping in the center of the trampoline, particularly on a round one, to get the best height possible.

Advanced Trampoline Tricks

These are perhaps the most cool trampoline tricks. This is where you get into the amazing forward and backward flips. They require you to focus on what you are doing, be aware of where you are on the mat, and you must always keep safety in mind. Having one of the safest trampolines with an enclosure will surely help.

The Front Flip

The Front Flip is much like the Somersault, but you’re going to be doing it a lot faster and essentially a lot higher. Front Flips can be difficult to land while you’re learning, but once you figure out how to do a front flip and land it, you’ll be like a pro.

The Backflip

Learning how to do a backflip on a trampoline is much like the trick you just learned, but with a couple of backward steps to it. Jump up, have your knees pulled into your chest, and lean backward as you fall back to the mat, propelling yourself while you do so.

The Side Flip

The Side Flip is a trick that is going to take some serious practice to get the hang of, so don’t be discouraged if you have trouble nailing it after awhile. Start by jumping until you get some good height and a strong amount of bounce. Tuck your legs in as tight as you can, then flip on either side of your body.

The Front Pullover

The Front Pullover is essentially doing a Front Flip, but with a couple of extra moves in between. You’ll know what this means when you read more on the trick and try it for yourself.

Start off by jumping a couple of times. Once you get comfortable doing so, all you need to do is start by performing a front flip and you will then land on your back.

Because of the motions your body will go through, you’ll be able to perform this trick a number of times in a single sequence.

The Back Pullover

The Back Pullover is the Front Pullover, but you’re going to be reversing all of the steps. Begin by jumping straight into the air, land on your back, and go with the motion to flip backward and spring yourself back up. This is one of the advanced trampoline tricks that will no doubt take some practice in order to properly master it.

The Front Handspring

The Front Handspring is a lot of fun to do, and a lot easier than it looks. All you have to do, is perform a front flip, place your hands on the surface of the trampoline while you flip, and bounce off of them. Simple! Knowing how to do a front handspring opens the door to creating some fun tricks of your own.

The Back Handspring

The Back Handspring is like the Front Handspring trick, but in reverse. Instead of a front flip, you’ll need to do a back flip. From there, place your hands on the surface of the trampoline while you flip, bounce off of them, and you’ve done it!

The Cody

The Cody is another seriously advanced trampoline trick that will take a lot of practice to do. It requires you to perform a backflip, go straight into a front drop, bounce back up automatically, and go into another backflip. The hardest part about this trick is the momentum that’s needed to perform it perfectly, so don’t be afraid to practice endlessly.

The Cradle

Like the Cody, the Cradle trick is all about progressing through a number of moves at a quick pace. The Cradle is a backdrop half twist into another backdrop, then the Seat, a full twist into a front drop, and then another full twist into a backdrop.

Even though this trick may sound next to impossible, it’s definitely more than possible with a bit of practice and the courage to try!

The Barani

The Barani is an awesome advanced trick to learn how to do. Start with a front Somersault, get into a half twist, and finish with a late twist.

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