Best Trampoline Tricks: Learn About Flips and Handstands On Your Trampoline

Admit it. Half the fun of having a trampoline is seeing how high you can bounce and what you may be able to do while in the air. A successful bounce that sends you higher into the air than you may have expected is probably the closest thing that most people will ever get to flying. It is a sensation that may only last a second, but your satisfaction will last much longer. That is why there are so many people attempting to do tricks and other cool things on their trampoline.

Many may think they need a gymnastics trampoline or maybe even an adult trampoline, but this is simply not the case. It does not matter whether they simply bounce up and land on their bottom only to bounce up and land back onto their feet or if they have mastered the skill of back flipping mid-bounce. The joy of accomplishment is still the same. If you want to try a few new tricks to impress yourself or your friends, here are a few of the best trampoline tricks for you to try.

Beginner Trampoline Tricks

If you are new to the world of trampoline tricks, it is always best to start out simple. This will lessen the risk of you getting hurt while trying to do unimaginable things.  These easy trampoline tricks are simple to do and fun to experiment with while you learn how to fly just a little bit higher. Please remember that trampoline safety is always paramount.

One trick you can do is to try and spin your body around during a bounce. Start off by bouncing up and down as usual and then attempt to twist your body. At first you may only be able to spin half way around, but with a little bit of practice you will be able to twist your body around completely while in the air. As your skill further improves you may even want to try doing it all while bouncing only with your knees.

If you want to truly see how much you trust your trampoline you can do either the “Superman” or the “Backbuster” tricks. These two may not look impressive to people watching you do it, but you may find it hard to believe how difficult they can be. To do them, you simply need to allow yourself to either fall forward without catching yourself with your arms or let your back land on the mat. If you brace yourself or stiffen up while falling backward you may hurt yourself, so it is probably best to practice falling forward first.

Do you have a friend that can bounce with you? Perhaps the Double Bounce trick will give you both something to enjoy. It is one of the most common tricks to do on a trampoline because most people do not realize they are doing it. You simply bounce with a partner and as they come down on the mat, you jump up. By working together you both will soar extremely high.

Advanced Trampoline Tricks

These are perhaps the most cool trampoline tricks. This is where you get into the amazing forward and backward flips. They require you to focus on what you are doing, be aware of where you are on the mat, and you must always keep safety in mind. Having one of the safest trampolines with an enclosure will surely help.

To do a successful Front Flip, you will need to bounce high and act as though you are about to do the Superman and fall forward. However, instead of lying flat, you will want to tuck your upper body under you so that you assume the flip position and then hope that you can complete the flip before you hit the mat. To do the Back Flip you will need to throw your head back while kicking your legs to the front and hopefully over your head.

There are many flip variations for you to try. You can do sideways flips and flips where you bounce on your knees instead of your feet. You can spin around while in midair and of course do cartwheels. As a first step to learning the harder tricks, you may want to first start out with Handspring where you simply throw your feet into the air and try to balance on your hands.

A rectangular trampoline like the Skywalker 15ft is a great trampoline to perform tricks on. Check out our top rectangular trampoline list here.

Safety First

When doing tricks it is always a good idea to have someone close by in case things go wrong for you. A trampoline is a great form of exercise and there are added benefits to exercising with a trampoline and tricks. Every trick will work out different muscle groups, but they are dangerous, especially as you start doing the harder tricks.

Before doing a trick, make sure you are not too close to the edge of the trampoline if you do not have a net around it. Many people have fallen off of the trampoline or fell through the springs. Either of these scenarios will be painful. You must also stay within your skill range. A beginner who attempts to start off doing flips could end up seriously hurt.

The secret of doing trampoline tricks is simple. Just stay safe and do them at your own risk. It can be cool and exciting, but keep in mind that there is danger in doing it.