The Safest Trampoline: Which One is Right for You?

When you decide to get a trampoline for your family, you obviously want to choose the one that will be safest for everyone. To find the safest trampoline, you will probably review trampoline ratings and take a look at customer reviews. Additionally, you can compare and contrast a number of trampoline yourself to see which one will work best for your family. Below is a comparison of three of the top rated trampolines so you can see which one offer features that will make it the safest trampoline for you and your family.

Safest Trampoline Top Picks

Skywalker 12-Feet Round Trampoline and Enclosure W/ Spring Pad

Possessing many safety features, such as reinforced t-sockets that prevent the enclosure from twisting and a durable steel frame, the Skywalker 12-Feet Round Trampoline and Enclosure with Spring Pad is considered one of the safest trampolines for kids. The enclosure is the ideal feature for anyone who has small children, which will prevent them from falling off of the trampoline. Another feature that makes the Skywalker 12-foot round one of the safest trampoline is that the enclosure is connected to the jumping mat with a button-hole design.

Not only does this create a gap free jumping area, but it also means that the enclosure doesn’t have any unnecessary ropes or threads hanging. Furthermore, by the enclosure being attached to the jumping mat, it prevents little ones from accidentally falling and injuring themselves on the frame or spring. The enclosure features a zipper, so young children stay inside when they are playing on the Skywalker trampoline.

If your children are teenagers, you will appreciate the heavy duty mat that can withstand a lot of vigorous jumping. This trampoline is made with 6 W-shaped legs that add to the stability of this product. There is a 200-lbs. weight limit, so only one adult and child can mostly likely jump at the same time. Compared to other trampolines, the Skywalker 12-feet is smaller, but for the price, you can’t go wrong.

AirZone 12-Feet  Trampoline W/ Mesh Padded Safety Enclosure

Similar to the Skywalker 12-feet, the AirZone 12-Feet Outdoor Spring Trampoline with Mesh Padded Perimeter Safety Enclosure features an enclosure that works great for families with small children. In addition, the AirZone possesses the 6 W-shaped legs that deliver 12 places for this trampoline to sit firmly on the ground.

Both, the Skywalker 12-feet and the Airzone 12-feet have enclosures that are connected to the jumping mat. The difference is that while the Skywalker 12-feet trampoline’s enclosure is connected to the jumping mat with a buttonhole design, the AirZone 12-feet outdoor trampoline’s enclosure is secured to the jumping mat with sturdy rope ties. However, since this is an AirZone product, a company that is well-known for creating products that are ASTM tested for safety and durability, this trampoline from them has a patent pending on the safety enclosure ties to make sure that having rope ties will not be an issue with young children.

Individuals that are mechanically challenged will be happy to know that the AirZone 12-feet outdoor trampoline is easy-to-assemble and requires no extra tools or drilling. It is in the same price range as the Skywalker 12-feet and has a 200-lbs. weight limit as well. Because of its safety testing and features, the AirZone 12-feet outdoor trampoline, just like the Skywalker 12-feet trampoline, is considered the safest trampoline for kids.

Our Safest Trampoline

Springfree 10ft. Trampoline Round W/ FlexrHoop and FlexrStep

Considered the world’s safest trampoline, the Springfree 10ft. Trampoline – R79 Medium Round with FlexrHoop and FlexrStep has numerous features to back up its claim. In contrast to the Skywalker 12-feet and the AirZone 12-feet, the Springfree 10ft. has no springs; it possesses one-of-a-kind mat rods. Therefore, you never have to worry about the springs loosening and sticking up around the jumping mat causing injury.

Additionally, on most other styles of trampolines, including the Skywalker 12-feet and the AirZone 12-feet, the frame is surrounding the jumping mat, on the Springfree 10ft. trampoline, the frame is beneath the jumping mat, so there is no way that you or a loved one can fall and injury yourself, even with an enclosure. Moreover, the Springfree 10ft. trampoline has what is called a Flexinet enclosure that has flexible net rods which helps to cushion anyone on the trampoline and averts bad falls.

The weight capacity for the Springfree 10ft. trampoline is 250 lbs. per jumper and the structural load capacity is 1,100 lbs. which means that you and your children can definitely jump and have fun at the same time, without worrying about tearing or breaking the frame or jumping mat.

Another great feature that is exclusive to the Springfree 10ft. trampoline is the accessories that can be purchased to connect to the enclosure. If you have children that like basketball, you have the option to buy the FlexrHoop that attaches right to the top of the enclosure. Also, you can buy the FlexrStep to make getting on and off the trampoline much easier.

Like the Skywalker 12-feet and the AirZone 12-feet, the Springfree 10ft. is made with UV resistant polypropylene that lets you leave it outside all-year round without rusting. The Springfree 10ft. trampoline goes a step further with fiberglass rods that are just as strong as steel and will not rust, making this trampoline last longer for your family’s enjoyment.

Cost of the Safest Trampolines

One of biggest, and most obvious, differences between the Skywalker 12-feet, the AirZone 12-feet, and the Springfree 10ft. is the price. While the Skywalker 12-feet and the AirZone 12-feet are in the same price range, the Springfree 10ft. is priced close to five times more. That is a hefty price tag and a huge investment just for a trampoline. Though, according to those that have splurged and purchased the Springfree 10ft. have stated that it is well worth the price for a trampoline that has so many more safety features and can stand by its assertion of being “the world’s safest trampoline.”

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