Top Rebounder Trampolines & Benefits

The best rebounder trampolines are made for exercising in a way you probably didn’t think brought a number of great health benefits.
best rebounder trampoline reviews
Trampolines normally remind us of summer fun and hours of jump sessions, but did you know they are also perfect for exercising? Rebounder trampoline exercises are designed to be done indoors and are sublime for your lymphatic system.


What are Rebounder Trampolines?

Rebounder trampolines are great for exercise and do more than increasing your cardiovascular function.

It’s unique because it forces your body to accelerate and decelerate while working on every cell in your body in the most unique way possible.

Your body accelerates as you bounce up, become weightless when pausing in the air, decelerates at an increased rate of G-force, adds impact to your rebounder, and then repeats the entire process all over again as you continue to jump.

There is no wrong way to use a rebounder trampoline. Some may choose to bounce without their feet leaving the trampoline’s surface, others choose to jump as high as they’re able to jump.


Top 7 Best Rebounder Trampoline Reviews

Here are a list of the top 7 best rebounder trampolines for exercise purposes. All of these trampolines are budget-friendly, of high quality, and are the best rebounder trampolines to workout with.

Stamina InTone Oval Jogger

The InTone Oval Jogger by Stamina will cost you approximately $72.

It has an oval shape that provides extended space to jump in, has an optic blue border to ensure you stay within the jumping limits, and even has a handlebar covered in foam that adjusts from approximately 39” to 48”.

It has a maximum weight limit of up to 250 pounds, has a frame rate of 45”, comes with folds that offer extra stability and a separate workout, and doesn’t allow your feet to get close to the floor.

This means that it’s extra bouncy, which is good to have when it counts! You can even opt for 2 to 3-year warranties when purchasing, too.


  • Comes with a workout DVD from fitness expert Mia Finnegan
  • Has a motivational multifunctional electronic fitness monitor for monitoring important workout aspects
  • Gives your arms a good workout


  • The arm bands can be a little flimsy to work with

The InTone Oval Jogger by Stamina is a good rebounder trampoline to go with if you want one that isn’t exactly the most ordinary in shape.

It gives you some extra room to work with compared to any circle-shaped rebounder.

stamina intone oval jogger best rebounder trampoline

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Stamina 36” Folding Rebounder Trampoline

The 36” Folding Trampoline by Stamina costs as little as $32, has a weight limit of 250 pounds, and weighs only 14 pounds.

It has a 36” diameter with a rugged, all-steel frame construction, a heavy-duty surface with a safety pad, and 6 detachable legs for convenience purposes.

Not only that, but it also has a 32-band tension resistance rate, with each band 2” apart from each other for the purpose of stability and durability. It also comes with a 90-day warranty on all of the parts and a 1-year warranty on the frame.


  • Folds down into smaller components when not in use
  • Uses strong bands instead of conventional springs
  • Has a decent, flexible bounce to it


  • It can be difficult to get the silver cover to stretch across it if you do it alone

The 36” Folding Trampoline by Stamina is an awesome rebounder trampoline. It packs the right amount of punch, has portability in mind, and is definitely a cost-effective option for those who want to try out a rebounder trampoline.
best rebounder trampolines Stamina 36”

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Pure Fun 40” Mini Rebounder Trampoline With Adjustable Handrail

The 40” Mini Rebounder Trampoline With Adjustable Handrail by Pure Fun costs approximately $70, is great for ages 13 and up, and is certified by the CE, TUV/GS, and the ASTM.

It has a weight limit of 250 pounds, has 40” of surface to jump on, and comes with a 90-day warranty.

The handrail adjusts from 39” to 42” with 2.75” galvanized steel springs for ultimate bouncing action. The components included ensure that it’s a durable, super rebound trampoline that’s both fun and easy to use.


  • The handrail is padded for ultimate comfort
  • Has a jump mat made of heavy-duty polypropylene for added durability
  • Uses a cushioned spring pad so you won’t pinch yourself on the springs


  • The legs are welded on, which can be problematic if too much weight is put on the sides instead of jumping in the middle

The 40” Mini Rebounder Trampoline With Adjustable Handrail by Pure Fun is an exceptional option for those who want to work on their balance.

The included, cushioned handrail gives you something to hold onto while you bounce around until you feel comfortable enough to bounce on your own.

best rebounder trampolines pure fun

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JumpSport 250 In-Home Rebounder

The 250 In-Home Rebounder by JumpSport is one of the more expensive rebounders on our list, coming in at approximately $250.

However, don’t let the high price sway you, paying extra for high quality is never a bad decision. It comes with the EduroLast 2-bungee system, 30 elastic cords, and arched legs.

It has a weight limit of 250 pounds, a frame diameter of 39”, and a bounce area of 485 square inches. It even comes with a home use warranty for the frame, legs, mat, and cords of 2 years!


  • Comes with a workout DVD
  • Has patented covered cords that offer up to 60% more exercise space when compared to other rebound trampolines.
  • The EduroLast bungees last twice as long compared to springs


  • The skirt is a magnet for animal hair, so a lint roller may be a good idea to keep on hand

The 250 In-Home Rebounder by JumpSport is one of the best rebounder trampolines that money can buy. As we noted before, paying a bit extra to get better quality is never a bad idea.

This is a perfect rebounder for the more serious jumper who wants something that is built to last.
best rebounder trampolines JumpSport 250

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Leaps & ReBounds Bungee Rebounder

The Bungee Rebounder by Leaps & ReBounds comes in various sizes and colors, and will cost between $180 to $190 depending on the size and color of your choosing. You can choose from a 40” or a 48” rebounder.

Both include bungee covers, a carbon steel free, straight screw-in legs, and a zero stretch and UV resistant jump mat that is made out of polypropylene for ultimate stretch and safety purposes with a maximum weight limit of 250 pounds.


  • Comes with a lifetime manufacturers warranty for the rebounder and the stabilizer bar
  • Has a 30-day trial run to see if you like it
  • The latex rubber bungees make it easier to move around on it without worrying about pinching


  • Assembly can be a bit difficult if you’re doing it on your own

The Bungee Rebounder by Leaps & ReBounds gives you 2 different size options and a variety of colors with prices that can’t be beat.

The components included, especially the latex rubber bungees, make for a fun, safe exercise experience.
Rebounder Trampoline Exercises leaps

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Urban Rebounder Trampoline With Stabilizing Bar

The Trampoline With Stabilizing Bar by Urban Rebounder will cost you around $140, able to be bought with 2 and 3-year protection warranties, and is a commercial-quality rebounder trampoline that packs quite a punch.

It was a maximum weight limit of 300 pounds, which is 50 pounds more than most of the best rebounder trampolines are able to handle.

It includes the stabilizing bar to ensure your bouncing experience is a stable one that will never falter. It also folds up to put away for easy storage. It comes with 8 legs and 14 rubber crutch tips for them.


  • Comes with a mega workout DVD with 6 different workouts
  • Uses heavy-duty springs
  • The rubber crutch tips for the legs add stability and durability


  • The springs have been reported to be problematic, but they can be fixed

The Rebounder Trampoline and Stabilizing Bar by Urban Rebounder is one of the best rebounder trampolines money can buy.

It’s a favorite among those serious about the workout, not to mention the included DV gives you a wide range of workout options!
Rebounder Trampoline Exercises urban

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Marcy Foldable Trampoline With Handle ASG-40

The Foldable Trampoline With Handle ASG-40 by Marcy is an exceptional rebound trampoline that only costs $50, making it another budget-friendly option.

Its maximum weight limit is 250 pounds, comes with 2 to 3-year warranty options when purchasing, and comes with a handle that betters balance and control.

It also comes with a protective cover and six legs with continuous bands that are able to withstand even the most rigorous exercises. It has a frame of 40”, giving it enough room for anyone to make use of.


  • The bar is adjustable up to 3”
  • It only weighs 26 pounds, making it easy to move
  • Able to fold it up


  • Assembling it on your own can be a very difficult task

The Foldable Trampoline With Handle ASG-40 by Marcy is a great option for those looking for something on a budget. It’s got great durability and bounce for those looking to give rebound trampolining a shot.
best rebounder trampolines marcy

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The Best Rebounder Trampolines – Top Pick

Our best rebounder trampoline would have to be the Rebounder Trampoline and Stabilizing Bar by Urban Rebounder. It’s an ultimate favorite by everyone who rebounds as a serious workout exercise.

The health benefits that come from rebounding a second to none. They give you an easy, complete body workout that’s not only great for burning calories, but also extremely fun to do.

Your body will no doubt thank you in the end!

The Benefits of Rebounder Trampolines

Rebounders boost our body’s immune functions and lymphatic drainage. It’s also great for your skeletal system, increasing your bone mass, and even helps improve your digestion.

It’s twice as effective as a regular running schedule, but does not include the extra stress that your knees and ankles go through.

Rebounders increase your endurance on a cellular level. Interestingly enough, this is done through the stimulation of your body’s mitochondrial production.

In short, this is generally where your cell energy production comes from!

The vestibule in your inner ear, specifically the middle, is stimulated, further improving your balance.

It also helps the oxygen circulation throughout your body to increase more energy, whereas other workouts take away energy instead of replenishing and reproducing it.

While rebounder trampolines are a fun way to exercise, it also includes every part of your body during the exercise and improves your body’s muscle tone.

Certain sources claim that, during a study, those who took part in this type of exercise for as little as 30 seconds between each weight lift set had a 25% more improvement overall than those who stuck with pure weight lifting in as little as 12 weeks.

Other sources also say that it will also help to support your adrenals and your thyroid, making it one of the most interesting and beneficial workouts to do overall.

How to Choose the Best Rebounder Trampoline

best rebounder trampoline
There are an enormous amount of rebounder trampolines out there, so knowing what to look for when choosing the perfect one for you will save you some of the headache.

Because rebounder trampolines are designed to support your body’s entire weight, skimping on quality for a cheaper price simply will not do.

For starters, look for one that has a solid frame with the legs firmly attached. This is key to a long-lasting, quality rebounder.

The last thing you want to have happen is it die on you mid-jump, which is both hazardous and quite alarming.

Next, find one that has a quality mat that is both comfortable and not too firm. You don’t want to have to give it your all just to get off of it, because that will defeat the point of the workout.

Rebounder trampolines, the quality ones, anyway, are designed to be easy to use with a mat that doesn’t work against you while you use it.

Lastly, find one that’s easy to move around. If it’s too heavy or is awkward to move around, skip it and look for something else.

Like the workout itself, they are designed to be of smaller sizes and easy to transport where portability is concerned.

Best Rebounder Trampolines FAQ

If you don’t see an answer to your question listed below, let us know and we’ll do our best to help you out!

What are the top rated rebounders?

We’ve compiled a short list of best rebounder trampoline reviews above, so you can find the perfect trampoline choice for you and your family! Our best overall choice is the InTone Oval Jogger by Stamina, which is definitely one of the top rated rebounders available on the market today, but each of these trampolines offers something different and the best one for you might be different than the one that works best for most people.

Can you lose weight on a rebounder trampoline?

You certainly can, yes! The amount of weight you can lose on a rebounder trampoline depends on multiple factors, though.

For example, it depends on how often you workout using one and the type of workout you’re doing. This is why it’s good to buy one with a workout DVD included so you have an idea of what to do.

Is using a rebounder trampoline a weight bearing exercise?

It can be! A lot of people like to incorporate dumbbells with a rebounder, but you can do whatever you like.

Others like to have ankle or wrist weights, as well. It’s all about the workout you’re comfortable with and the results that you’re looking to achieve.

How many minutes a day should you rebound?

You can rebound as many minutes a day as you want to, whether it’s only a mere 20 minutes per day or a couple of hours.

Like we’ve said previously, it all depends on the type of workout you’re doing and the results you want to achieve. The sky is the limit.

Can rebounder trampolines help lymphedema?

Pooling lymphatic fluid is never easy to live with, so finding an option to help ease it is definitely necessary.

Thankfully, rebound trampolining can help! As you start and perfect a balance and a routine with rebounding, you’ll begin to notice that your lymphatic system is able to move the fluid more freely throughout your body.

A lot of users with lymphedema have noticed a difference with the fluid after just 20 minutes of rebounder trampoline exercise per day!

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