JumpSport Trampoline Reviews

Would you rather have your children jumping on their bed or would you prefer to give them a designated jumping area that will get them out of the house, without tearing up their bed? Every child, and most adults, enjoy jumping. It becomes a battle, whether among friends or alone to see exactly how much air you can get. A trampoline is the best way to find out and the JumpSport Elite trampoline with an enclosure makes it even more exciting. All it takes is one look at the JumpSport Elite Trampoline Reviews and you will instantly know why.

What Makes JumpSport Trampoline & Enclosure Great?

JumpSport trampolines are designed with quality and durability in mind. They look great in blue and black, and give your kids a safe place to jump out all of their excess energy. You will be able to send them outside to play and not have to worry that they will get hurt and the bounces they will get will send them soaring higher than ever before.


  • Made with thicker pipes to make a stronger frame
  • Thick pipes also hold up the safety net
  • Safety net fits tightly around the trampoline mat to give everyone the maximum amount of jump space
  • Available in 10ft, 12ft or 14ft diameter
  • Easily add accessories
  • Mat rests at 35” high enough to give plenty of ground clearance
  • Mat resists damage from UV rays or other elements
  • Pad hides springs completely and resists damage
  • Fun way exercise, develop better balance, and increase stamina
  • 15 year frame warranty included


  • Time consuming to assemble
  • Need at least two people to assemble
  • Overpriced

JumpSport Customer Reviews

Most people who have already purchased the JumpSport trampoline feel that it is a great trampoline that meets all of their requirements regarding the safety of their family. They give very high praise to the durability of it as well as the powder coating that is on it. Most feel that assembly is easy, even if you do need a few extra hands. They say that their kids love jumping on it and that their family has found a way to spend time together.

Of the users who have found an issue with the JumpSport trampolines, it is mostly based on either slow shipping by UPS or a customer support team that will not tell you in advance whether it will be on sale in the near future or not. However, there are some issues with people being unable to line up the poles correctly, but even those people still manage to give it a good overall rating.

Is the JumpSport Elite Trampoline Worth It?

Baring in mind that no trampoline ever made can be 100% safe for kids of all ages to use, the JumpSport Elite is about as close as you can get. The solid build of it combined with the fully enclosed safety net and covered springs all combine to make it a safe place for kids and adults to get outside and put a little bounce in their day. However, you should still teach your kids about how to jump safely and pay attention to where they are on the mat. You should also encourage them to avoid situations where several kids are jumping at once to prevent injury.

It gives kids and parents a great place to show off their skills and gain confidence as well as an enjoyable way to exercise and get up off the couch. In today’s world where most kids are couch potatoes, this can be a true blessing for most families.

You can also purchase a tent accessory for your JumpSport trampoline for only a little bit of money. This tent will be large enough to comfortably sleep several kids or parents and their children. It is a great way to spend even more time as a family during backyard camping adventures. These tents are 5 1/2 feet tall at the peak so your kids can also have the perfect place to hide or create a clubhouse for their friends. The tent has a fully zippered doorway and three windows to ensure that there is proper ventilation inside of the tent while it is on the trampoline.

All of these things combine to make the JumpSport Elite trampoline an amazing idea for families who want to get their family outside and active. Are you ready to experience the freedom of soaring high on your next bounce with no batteries or electricity necessary?

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