Best and Safest Trampolines: Top Backyard Models of 2019

There are a lot of trampolines on the market and it can be difficult to determine the best trampolines for you and your family. Companies are constantly coming out with new styles and features. You may have questions like, which ones are the safest, which provide the highest bounce, which is the best trampoline for the money and so on. These are all questions that you should consider before your purchase. Below is a list of the top rated and best selling trampolines. These trampoline reviews are based on our reader’s reviews.

Trampolines by Category

Best Trampoline = Zupapa Round Trampoline

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The Zupapa round trampoline is our pick for best trampoline of 2016. The safety net fully encloses this trampoline, which is a huge safety feature. The price also makes it one of the best trampolines for the money. The galvanized steel frame and W shaped legs makes this a durable trampoline. Its 330lb – 375lb (depending on overall size) weight capacity is higher than Skywalker trampolines and means multiple kids can jump on this trampoline at once. This is one of the highest weight capacities for all round trampolines and means more people can have fun at the same time. Owners also love that this trampoline comes with a ladder, protective cover, shoe bag, safety pad and more. Please check out our full review here.

Safest Trampoline = Springfree Jumbo 13ft Square

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We awarded the Springfree 13′ jumobo square trampoline as the safest trampoline on the market. It uses fiberglass rods instead of springs to give extreme bounce to any jumper that weighs less than 250 pounds. However, the structural load capacity is 1100 pounds. It has steel frames to resist rust. The jump mat is completely surrounded by a safety net for your safety. The mat and nets are UV resistant. Accessories include a basketball hoop and a ladder. The price is the only drawback for the Springfree 13ft square trampoline. Please check out our full review here.

Best Rectangular Trampoline = Skywalker 15ft

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The Skywalker 15ft rectangular trampoline is best for trick jumps and other activities according to most owners because it allows you to bounce anywhere on the mat. It is fully enclosed with a safety net that interlocks onto the jump mat using button holes. The net is made of polyethylene for durability and UV resistance. The spring pad attaches to the frame and jump mat with stretchy bands. The galvanized steel frame is reinforced with T-sockets which stabilize the upper frame. This is truly one of the best trampolines on the market. Please check out our full review here.

Best Trampoline for Adults = Magic Circle Octagon

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Adults who love jumping on trampolines should invest in the Magic Circle Octagon trampoline. It has a maximum weight limit of 450 pounds which is much higher than most kids trampolines. It is fun and safe due to an integrated cage and mat. The cage is sewn to the mat so that there is no openings which increases safety. The upright poles which hold the net are padded with foam and is protected from UV rays. Please check out our full review here.

Best Trampoline for Kids = Little Tikes 7ft

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Hands down the Little Tikes 7ft trampoline is the best kids trampoline available. It is made using polyethylene, steel, and blow molded plastic. There is a pad protector to cover the safety springs and there is a safety net that is made with PE netting. Steel poles hold the net in place. Ideal for kids up to 100 pounds and it is lower to the ground than most trampolines. Many people feel like this trampoline is easy to assemble and a great toy for their kids. Please check out our full review here.

Best Basketball Trampoline = AlleyOOP DoubleBounce

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With the AlleyOOP DoubleBounce trampoline you get double the bounce for extreme bouncing ability. Best of all, it is fully adjustable in how bouncy it really is. The frame is a full 1.9 inches of galvanized steel to prevent it from getting damaged over time. The entire trampoline is enclosed with a patented Triple-Fail-SafeTM enclosure system. This ensures when your kids are dunking the ball into the hoop, they will be totally safe. Please read our full review here.

Best Exercise Trampoline = Stamina InTone Oval Jogger

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Trampolines are a great way to work out and the Stamina InTone Oval Jogger is the best exercise trampoline. The oval design gives you added stability and provides you with a more varied workout compared to the round exercise trampolines. With your purchase you will receive a workout DVD to show you all that can be done on it. It also comes with an electronic fitness monitor that will tell you how many jumps you make per minute, how long you have been working out, total jumps, and how many calories you have burned so far. Please check out our full review here.

Best Square Trampoline = Springfree 11ft

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The Springfree 11ft square trampoline provides a large jumping area of approximately 113 sq ft. It also provides a very consistent bounce at all points on the mat unlike round trampolines. Springfree’s springless design elimates spring related injuries and helps make this the safest trampoline on the planet. The double powder coated, galvanized steel frame means you can leave this trampoline outside all year around. This particular trampoline also includes a basketball hoop and ladder. Please check out our full review here.

Honorable Mention = Skywalker Round

Skywalker 15' Top Rated 2015 TrampolineClick Here for Price

The Skywalker 15ft round trampoline is our runner up this year but we still chose to highlight it. Skywalker trampolines are very popular and well trusted. This trampoline offers everything most customers want at an affordable price. It is a stable trampoline that is not too difficult to set up. The included safety net that attaches to the jumping mat to ensure no one gets hurt is a great feature. It is rated for kids ages 6 and up. As a bonus it can easily hold 200 pounds at one time, which means that multiple kids can safely jump with supervision. Please check out our full review here.

Now you have a great list of trampolines to choose from. Check out our individual reviews for any one that really seems to fit your needs but you still have questions about. For more general information about trampolines click here.