Zupapa Trampoline Review : Great Backyard Model for Kids

Bouncing your way to a good time has never been easier and it is all due to one of the newest trampolines on the market today. The Zupapa Trampoline is available for purchase on Amazon and overall, it is gaining fans quickly. If you are interested in purchasing a trampoline for yourself or your children, now is an excellent time to do so. Simply read the Zupapa reviews and you will discover what the world of trampolines has been missing. Until now.

Zupapa Trampoline Features

This trampoline is available in three sizes, from 12’ to 15’ feet in diameter. You will have a trampoline that is 94” high from the ground to the top of the net enclosure. The enclosure alone is 72 inches high. The jumping surface mat is between 124.4 inches and 159 inches depending on the size you want. The maximum weight recommendation is between 330 and 375 pounds.

When you purchase the Zupapa trampolines, you get not only the trampoline itself, but more than you will usually find with other trampolines. From the factory, it will arrive with a zippered net enclosure, the safety pad, a ladder, the mat, springs, a shoe bag, and even a trampoline cover to help protect it from severe weather. As a bonus to you, it is still cheaper than other trampolines.

This trampoline has been TUV certified for safety. The TUV or Technischer Uberwachungs-Verein, which translates to “Technical Inspection Association”, is a German based company that specializes in validating the safety of all products for humans and the environment. This is a job that they have taken pride in since 1938 and they back each of the Zupapa trampolines.

The net poles are longer than most trampolines offer and they each have two steel joints. All poles and legs are bundled tightly in two places to provide added stability and safety. This also prevents structural twisting. The frame is made of heavy duty, rust resistant galvanized steel that is 42mm in diameter.

The springs are 7 inches. They are also able to resist rust while providing exceptional bounciness. When it comes to jumping, you will discover a mat that is going to provide a heavy duty bounce surface. It is made of UV resistant polypropylene. All padding is blue and made of PE and PVC foam. The protector over the springs, will completely cover them so that you never have to worry about getting hurt.

Is The Zupapa Trampoline Safe?

When it comes to any trampoline, parents are most concerned with safety. The Zupapa trampoline was invented for cautious parents who want their children to get up and having a good time without video games.

The extra-high, zippered net enclosure is a great start on kid safe jumping, because even on a trampoline with extra bounce, most adults will still not be able to jump high enough to get over the 72” safety net. This makes it the perfect trampoline for adults. The zipper entrance, ensures that there are no areas a jumper could slip through. All of the padding and support means that accidents are going to be virtually impossible to achieve, even for the most rowdy child jumper.

Even the accessories can increase safety. The shoe holder will encourage jumpers to take off their shoes because no one will have to worry about Fido taking off with them, bugs getting into them, etc. The ladder ensures that your child and you will not have to stand on buckets or blocks which may tip over when climbing on or off the trampoline. The trampoline cover makes it more possible for the UV resistant material to stay stronger, even if you do not plan to jump for a while. Debris such as leaves and twigs will also not cause damage to the mat.

Is the Zupapa Worth the Money?

Based on reviews for other trampolines, the Zupapa is one of the best values on the market. This is not based on quality or accessories alone, but as a whole, when you also take into consideration the things other parents love about it. Their biggest complaint is that it is a little difficult to put together and that the included instructions are not that easy to understand.

Parents have used it for a variety of activities with their child and they have children of all ages. They all feel that the safety of it cannot be beat by other trampolines. This alone makes the Zupapa trampolines well worth considering for anyone who is looking for a trampoline. Read Owner Reviews Here⇒