Super Jumper Combo Trampoline Review

If you are looking for a great way to get your kids and perhaps yourself out of the house and living a more active life, you do not need to look any further than the Super Jumper Combo. It is a trampoline that will encourage fun times for the entire family and best of all, it is one of the most affordable trampolines on the market. However, some people worry about the quality because of the cheaper price tag. This review is where you will find the good and the bad about this very popular trampoline that claims to have sold thousands in Europe.

Super Jumper Trampoline Features

This trampoline is available in five sizes, from 4.5’ to 16’ feet in diameter. The height ranges from 85″ to 142” high from the ground to the top of the net enclosure depending on which trampoline you choose. The maximum weight recommendation is between 88 and 330 pounds.

Super Jumper is a trampoline manufacturer that makes some of the largest and best selling trampolines in Europe. Their popularity stems from the fact that they are made of only the best quality materials available. These trampolines are made with pure galvanized steel tubes as the framework, which means they are able to resist rust. They also have thicker springs than most other types of trampolines. Given these two important framework features, this trampoline will last your family for many years. The trampoline mat is UV resistant. The mesh stitching on the polypropylene mat is a firmly sewn together material.

All total, the trampoline will weigh roughly 200 pounds if you purchase the largest one, which is 16ft in diameter. When your trampoline arrives, it will be split up into two separate boxes to help you move it easily. It can also hold approximately 330 pounds so that you and your kids can bounce together or they can jump with a friend or two. This heavy duty trampoline has been tested thoroughly by the German TUV office. It has also earned TUV GS certification. The large, round Super Jumper Combo trampoline comes with everything you need to assemble and set up easily. With your purchase you will get the trampoline mat, a padded spring cover, six U shaped legs, the spring tool/installation tool, a safety net, 108 springs, and six padded poles for the safety net.

Is The Super Jumper Trampoline Safe?

One of the biggest concerns for parents is whether their child will be safe on a trampoline. This trampoline is designed to be used by children ages 6 and up, but it has a variety of safety features that ensure virtually anyone will be safe while on it. If safety is your number one concern please see this article on the safest trampolines.

It does have a safety net with padded poles. The safety net is stitched together to create a soft mesh with small holes. This enables parents to keep an eye on their child, but the holes are not so large that parents will have to worry about fingers or toes getting caught in the net. The safety net also has a zipper enclosure to ensure that no one can simply fall off the trampoline. All of the wire springs are heavy duty and are completely covered by a safety pad  so that you do not have to worry about a spring breaking. These features ensure that children will not get caught in the springs.


Is the Super Jumper Trampoline Worth the Money?

According to most people who have purchased the Super Jumper Combo trampoline, it meets or exceeds all of their expectations for a trampoline. Most buyers commend the quality of the material and easy assembly. This trampoline works great for getting kids outdoors and active. The size is also an added bonus given that it is large enough to handle some trick bounces, but not so large that it will fill up a small yard.

The biggest complaint that most parents have in regards to this trampoline is that the zipper on the safety net does not hold up against their children. This could be due to repeated opening and closing of the safety net or a possible defect. There were some complaints with the frame not holding up. However, you must keep in mind that there is a warranty on the Super Jumper Combo. The frame is covered by a 5 year warranty, the mat has a 3 year warranty, the springs are covered for a year, and the spring pad cover is covered for 6 months according to the Super Jumper website. This is a better warranty than most trampolines and makes it well worth considering, especially considering how much cheaper it is compared to other comparably sized trampolines. Read Owner Reviews Here⇒