Skywalker 15′ Rectangular Enclosure Review

As mentioned in the Pro’s section of this review, the Skywalker 15′ Rectangular trampoline is for the serious jumpers. Those into gymnastics, competitive jumping or those just looking for the most bounce out of a trampoline, this is the one. By design, rectangular trampoline provide the most bounce.  The 15′ X 9′ structure offers up some of the most jumping room of any recreational trampoline. As with all Skywalker trampolines, the frame is constructed out of galvanized stainless steel to prevent rust/corrosion. Utilizing T-sockets helps add to frame integrity and prevent twisting.

Skywalker 15′ Rectangle Features: 

  • Max weight 250 lbs
  • UV protected, extra wide safety spring pad featuring 1″ thick foam
  • Size: Assembled 15′ X 9′
  • Enclosure netting constructed with quality polyethylene resulting in increased UV protection and durability
  • Enclosure interlocks with jumping mat

Shipping Dimensions:

  • 108 lbs
  • 22 X 7 X 53 inches
  • Available only in US


If you’re main concern with purchasing a trampoline is the best BOUNCE for your buck, this is the trampoline. By nature, rectangular trampolines offer the most spring out of a trampoline. This is also one of the largest rectangular trampolines available on the recreational market, making this suitable for adult jumpers. Best uses for those interested in gymnastics, competitive jumping, or serious jumpers. Needless to say, you’ll get your fair share of exercise on this trampoline.


With the amount of bounce that this trampoline offers comes a safety concern. This is a large trampoline that offers a large bounce. This needs to be taken into consideration if purchasing a trampoline for family use. Also, this is a traditional trampoline, although with an enclosure, springs/frame can be a concern.

Common Questions:

Q: What gauge steel is used in the frame construction? Is the “Platinum Edition” of higher quality?

A: No, there is no difference in the steel in the two trampolines. Both use 12 gauge steel.


Q: Is the size of the trampoline 15 X 9′ the size of jumping area or the size of the frame?

A: This is the size of the frame.


Q: Does the trampoline fold up, allowing for in garage storage?

A: No, this is not a folding trampoline. Although you could disassemble and reassemble for winter months,

Skywalker 15′ Rectangle Reviews:

As seen in the reviews below, most purchasers of this trampoline were by families whom engage in gymnastics or acrobatics. Again, a testament to the bounce factor that a rectangular trampoline provides. Read More Owner Reviews⇒