Giantex Trampoline Review

How about we said the things you loved doing as a kid is all a part of exercise. From running around to the trampoline thing. Trampoline is approved as an exercise by most physicians, in fact. Moreover, a recent research study had proved the statement that bouncing on Mini trampoline for around 15 – 17 minutes shows effect as much as daily jogging would do except that trampolining is so much fun. For those genius minds who have added to the term trampoline to their to-buy list, here comes the best product as the suggestion.

A person who is looking to purchase a trampoline on the market will look for one that has a strong frame, durable springs and high quality material as there are many who boast of it but do not deliver on that front. That is where the Giantex Trampoline Bounce Safety Enclosure comes in with features and advantages which look to provide all fun with its galvanized pipe frame and incredibly fine tuned springs. Also, the product has already earned the name as one of the best trampolines on sale in the market today and continues to get rave reviews. Discussed here in detail is the description of the trampoline and how it helps people in inducing fun inside their home.


Giantex Trampoline Features

Here is a table of what the Giantex Trampoline Bounce Safety Enclosure has to offer.

  • The trampoline has a diameter of 12 feet (366 cm) and a height of 31.5 inches (80 cm)
  • The frame of the trampoline and enclosure is made of galvanized pipes consisting of 4 U-leg pieces for easy assembly.
  • There are totally 72 springs included along with 1 tool to fit them.
  • The material of the mat is of the PP Mesh type.
  • The materials for Pads Above are PVC (350Dx350D), Pads Nether is of PE cloth, Pads Foam is of EPE Foam and the dimensions for width are 11’/28 cm.
  • The maximum load the trampoline can bear is 375 lbs. or 170.097 kgs.
  • The height of the enclosure is 63 inches or 160 cm and the material is also heavy duty PE net.

The materials included in the box are the trampoline itself, the enclosure, a rain cover, a ladder, which can be fitted for easy climbing and spring covers. The color of the net enclosure is black. Also, given in the box is an instruction manual for those who do not know the basics of building a trampoline and are new to this type of device.

Giantex Trampoline Pros

There are many features of this trampoline that will satisfy those who are looking for fun. Here are the pros of this trampoline:

  • The trampoline comes in various sizes such as 12 ft., 14 ft., 15 ft. or even in huge size of 16 ft. so it can fit anybody and there will be no problem of space.
  • One main advantage of this trampoline is its height of 31.5 inches or 80 centimeters. No matter what your height is, you can have your trampoline time.
  • The springs fitted to this trampoline are incredibly soft and fast reacting so that when one bounces, they can practice flipping through the air.
  • The galvanized steel frame that supports the whole thing is strong enough and will last for a very long time.
  • The portable ladder that accompanies the trampoline is convenient for little kids who want to get in and have fun.
  • There are safety enclosures of a good height of 12 feet. So that one is protected from injuring themselves.
  • The material is covered with PVC, EPE foam, PE cloth and is flexible enough to endure stress and allow people to bounce and jump.


Giantex Trampoline Cons

A trampoline may have many pros to its side to have fun but there are some glaring cons that come along with it. Here are the main cons of the trampoline.

  • The package – The trampoline and the components come in individual boxes so that makes it difficult to assemble as there may be instruction boxes on each individual component.
  • The instruction manual – The instruction manual provided with the trampoline like all other manuals will describe the assembly in a very difficult and incomprehensible manner making it confusing for those who want to assemble the trampoline.
  • The size – Yes, the trampoline may come in various sizes but that is one factor whether it can fit in one’s house as if it is too big then people who are inside it would get a cramped feeling and breathing problems occur.
  • Safety – It is recommended by authorities that only one person should jump at a time in order to avoid collision and injuries.
  • Laws and regulations – There are many places where laws and regulations are set when buying trampolines and one should consult the concerned authorities prior to buying the trampoline and get the required permission as some of them object trampolines in their locality.
  • Insurance – One of the main risks for anyone buying a trampoline is insurance increase and if the trampoline breaks then that can mean a much more expensive fee for fixing it, thus one has to be careful to consider whether this will be a good investment or not.


The Giantex Trampoline Bounce Safety Enclosure is a trampoline that looks towards providing fun with its well-built frame and springs to provide safety and excitement at the same time. Its galvanized frame and flexible material is enough to last for a very long time and will not break for the years to come. Yes, there are many advantages such as size, height, and even springs but there are cons as well such as safety and the painstaking process of assembling it. But one can live with those cons as there is no better trampoline that comes close to this at this price range and is sure to entice customers who are interested in buying one.

Buying the right trampoline can be a tough choice but then, scrutinizing the number by these factors can save your time. After all, if you are not so sure about filtering the product, you can simply make your choice to be Giantex Trampoline Bounce Safety Enclosure. After all, it is all about buying with confidence. Read more reviews here!