How Much Does a Trampoline Cost?

How Much Is A Trampoline Having a trampoline in your yard is a great way to get the entire family off the couch and into the yard enjoying themselves. However, some families avoid them since it may seem a little expensive at first glance. The truth is, some are expensive, but there are a lot of different price ranges when it comes to trampolines. It depends on what type of trampoline that you want and what you hope to do while on it. To help you understand the different prices, you will first have to have a basic knowledge of what trampolines are available and the features they offer.

The Basic Trampoline

A traditional trampoline is obviously going to be one of the cheapest options. A great example of a cheap trampoline is the Skywalker. With Skywalker, you can choose from a variety of sizes, depending on your needs. They come with safety nets, traditional springs, heavy-duty frame, and more. There are also child trampolines available through Skywalker, and they are even cheaper and still offers durability.

When considering a child’s Skywalker trampoline you could be looking at around $100, but often the maximum weight capacity is 100 pounds. If you want an adult trampoline, you should expect to pay around $300.

Extra Safe Trampolines

When trying to discover how much does a trampoline cost, you will need to focus on the features it may offer. If you feel that your family would benefit from a safer style trampoline, such as a Springfree trampoline, the Skywalker may not be perfect. This means, unfortunately, that you should look at paying more for your trampoline.

One that offers more safety features. A good example is the Jump Sport. It will cost more, but it is a better choice for families who want more from their trampoline. However, even a small child or exercise trampoline could cost you a couple hundred dollars.

If you already have a trampoline and you need to increase the safety of it, may be asking how much is a trampoline net. This will vary depending on the type of trampoline that you have and how easy it will be to add a net to it. In some cases, it may be cheaper to consider a new trampoline than to upgrade the traditional one that has never had a net. It is worth noting this is often safer as well because many trampolines provide solid supports for the net now.

The High Dollar Trampolines

When it comes to trampoline prices, you should not have to spend an outrageous fortune, unless you have very specific needs. For example, if you are a cheerleader or need to do gymnastics, you may want to spend more on a gymnastics trampoline. This is not something that the average family needs and the more you need from a trampoline, the more the price will add up. That is why child trampolines are cheaper than adult trampolines and extra safety means more cost.

How Much Is a Trampoline?

The answer to this question is based on what you need from your trampoline. How much weight will you expect it to hold, how large a jump mat you want, the safety features it has, the ladder and other accessories with it, and more will all have an impact on your price range. Perhaps a better question would be, “What do you want from your trampoline?” Then you can figure out a price range for it.