How Much Does a Trampoline Cost?

Because trampoline prices can be widely varied based on size, brand, use, and a number of other factors, figuring out a general price range can be difficult and daunting to do.

Trampoline prices can be a headache to sift through, never mind the trampolines themselves, so it’s important to know the general price range to expect before you dive in.

For example, a mini trampoline for rebound exercises can be as cheap as $50, while a 10-foot round trampoline can range from $200 to $300.


Factors That Determine the Trampoline Prices

Trampoline PricesBecause there are a number of factors that determine the overall cost of a trampoline, not to mention characteristics to look for, going over them and keeping them in mind will make the process a lot easier and give you a better understanding.

Various Trampoline Sizes and Shapes

For starters, trampolines come in round, rectangular, oval, and square shapes ranging from small, medium, and large sizes.

The most common trampoline shapes are round and rectangular, which will be explained in full detail.

8 foot and 8×10 foot round trampolines are ideal for small children and those who don’t have a ton of space in their backyard, while 12 foot round trampolines are best for families with small children who will be using it at the same time.

14 and 15 foot round trampolines are ideal for multiple small children at a time, adults, and those who have a lot of backyard space.

7×10 foot rectangular trampolines are great for yards with minimal space, while 8×12 foot rectangular trampolines have great bounce and are good for multiple older kids jumping at one time.

9×14 and 10×17 foot rectangular trampolines are perfect for professional gymnasts and anyone who loves performing tricks on trampolines.

Round and rectangular trampolines differ in price in regard to size because of their overall use.

For example, an 8 foot round trampoline is going to be much cheaper than an 8×12 foot rectangular trampoline because it’s designed for yards with less space. The latter will be more expensive because of its larger size.

Safety and Durability

Trampoline Prices Safety and DurabilityIf you’re looking for a trampoline for sale cheap, always make sure you remember to look into safety and durability.

Even if you’re buying a new one, keep in mind that overall safety and durability will affect the cost.

Trampolines that come with a safety pad that covers the frame, hooks, and springs will cost more than trampolines that don’t.

This can also be said for trampolines that come with safety netting, as well. Expect to pay more for trampolines that have safety features and accessories included.

Accessories and Upgrades

If you’re interested in purchasing a trampoline that comes with accessories and upgrades, be prepared to pay more.

Trampoline accessories and upgrades include ladders, basketball hoops, stakes, and weather covers.

Not all trampolines will come with accessories and upgrades, though, so if you don’t want to pay more for them, you don’t technically have to.

Ones that do, however, will more often than not cost more than ones that do not.

Buying them separately is also an option for the future, as well.

Figuring Out Trampoline Prices

Figuring Out Trampoline PricesKnowing the factors that go into how trampoline prices are set actually helps with making a decision about which size and shape are the best fit for you.

Not only that, you will also have an understanding when it comes to safety features, accessories, upgrades, and whether or not you want them.

FAQ About Cheap Trampoline Prices

If you don’t see your question listed below in our FAQ section, get in touch with us for further help!

How much does it cost to replace a trampoline net?

Depending on the model, size, and shape of your trampoline, you can get a replacement net for your trampoline from as low as $30.

If your trampoline has a specific warranty that covers the safety net, you can contact the manufacturer and have it replaced for free if it’s still under valid warranty.

Should I buy a used trampoline?

eBay and local buy websites are hot spots for used trampolines, but are they worth the investment?

A used trampoline for sale can be a good investment, but buyer beware, you will want to make sure it’s not a poor quality one before you spend the money on it.

In short, yes, you should buy a used trampoline, but only if you’re completely certain that it’s in good shape and won’t break in a couple of uses.

How much should I pay for a used trampoline?

Finding a used trampoline for cheap price is more than possible, but knowing how much you should expect to pay is important to ensure you don’t get ripped off.

However, the price will also depend on the size and shape of the used trampoline.

For example, a used springfree trampoline for sale that’s 15 feet and meant for outside will cost a lot more than a used 8×10 foot trampoline.

The same can be said for wondering what prices are gymnastics trampoline, which are considered to be 10×17 foot trampolines, and cost more even if they’re used.

As a rule of thumb, compare the price of the used trampoline for sale to the price its costs if you buy it new.

Always remember to check the trampoline’s condition and factor in any accessories or upgrades if they are included with it.

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