How to Measure and Replace Your Trampoline Mat

Trampolines are designed to be usable for many years. Their frames are made of durable, high quality steel. Their mats are made of fibers that can withstand the weather outside, year round. However, there may come a time during the life of your trampoline that it may need some replacements. In some cases, it may need new springs or even a new mat. Here are a few things you may need to consider when buying a replacement mat for your trampoline to keep everyone jumping happily for many more years.

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Why Trampoline Mats Need Replaced

Over time, and with all the weight that may be on your trampoline, you may notice that there is less bounce in it. It could be the springs are not as springy as they should be or it could be the fibers in the trampoline mat that have finally lost the battle against the sun and rain. Sometimes, they may weaken to the point that they develop thin spots in the material or even small holes. You could consider trampoline mat repairs, but that would be more of a pain that it is worth if your mat is severely damaged, so most people do opt to simply start over.

When this happens, jumping is no longer going to be safe and you will need to consider purchasing a replacement mat for trampolines or buying a new trampoline, which would cost you a substantial amount more. Why spend the money on a whole new trampoline when you already have a solid frame? You can get replacements for much less and all you have to do is put forth a little effort. The main thing will be ensuring you buy the right size mat for your trampoline frame.

How to Replace Your Trampoline Mat

The first and most important part of the trampoline mat replacement is going to be for you to learn how to measure trampoline mats. You will need to do this, because not everyone will know for sure what size trampoline they have.

For a round trampoline, you will need to take several measurements. It is best if you have help because you will be measuring from one side of the frame to the other as you walk around the entire diameter. Make notes of the measurements in inches. You will then need to measure a completely relaxed spring, this means taking the spring off of your trampoline completely to measure it. Then you will also want to count the springs that are on your trampoline so that you know how many holes you need in a replacement mat.

For rectangle trampolines, you will need to measure the mat from inside the frame both one long side and one short. If you have an octagon, you will want to measure from the corners and the outside of the frame as you walk around. In all cases, you will need to count the springs and measure them as well just to make sure you have the right amount of spring support.

When people consider a new trampoline mat, one of the main things that concerns them is whether new replacements are as good as the one they got with their trampoline. There really is no difference between OEM trampoline mats and aftermarket mats, but some will be made of a higher quality material as well as extra support around the holes where the mats attach to the springs. To ensure you get a quality replacement mat, here are a few reviews to show you what is available and what you should look for in finding a trampoline mat for sale.

Trampoline Replacement Reviews & Things to Consider

14’ Trampoline Mat, 72 V-Rings, Reinforced Stitching

This 14 ft trampoline mat is designed for a round trampoline. You do need to count and make sure that you have 72 holes in the frame and your springs should be 7” when completely relaxed. It has metal V-rings that are supported by several rows of stitching to ensure it will be a quality trampoline mat replacement. Other sizes are available if you like this style of replacement mat, but need a different size.


Trampoline Pro, Trampoline Mat Replacement

This mat is available in several sizes, including up to a 15 ft trampoline mat. It has been constructed with the Permatron trampoline fabric to resist punctures and weather concerns. It has zinc attachment rings and a 180 day manufacturer’s warranty. All you have to do is know how to measure a trampoline to ensure you get a proper fit. Read More Here⇒

Upper Bounce Super Round Trampoline Safety Pad

For many people, replacing the mat could mean replacing the trampoline spring cover. This is a quality cover for round trampolines that will absorb shock and resist water. It has rubber ties to keep it securely attached to a trampoline frame and it is made of 100% PVC in the US. Read More About The Upper Bounce Safety Pad⇒