AirZone Outdoor Spring Trampoline Review

Children love to be active. Parents love to exercise and stay fit. There is no better way to get everyone together than an outdoor trampoline. Within the safety of your own backyard, you and your children can spend hours jumping around having a good time.

If you are a parent, then a trampoline where you and your children can play together can not only bond you closer with your little ones, it can make playtime better for both of you. You can supervise what your child is doing, as well as get in some exercise of your own. A trampoline can also serve as an activity for a play date for your children and their friends. Instead of sitting them in front of the television, let them go outside, get some fresh air, and have a good time.


AirZone Outdoor Spring Trampoline

The AirZone Outdoor Spring Trampoline with Mesh Padded Perimeter Safety Enclosure provides not only a top-quality trampoline, but also a patented pending safety enclosure that ties to the perimeter of the mat. Parents will be pleased with this as it keeps your children away from the edge of the trampoline.


AirZone Trampoline Features

The trampoline is constructed with 6W legs that provide 12 points of contact with the ground for stability and a no-weld T joint construction design. In addition, this trampoline meets all of the current ASTM safety protocols. The weight limit is 200 lbs. so that more than one person can enjoy this trampoline at the same time. The AirZone comes with a one-year warranty.


Not only can adults monitor what their child is doing while on the trampoline, but they can actually get on a have fun themselves. This work well for families as this can become a way for everyone to take part exercising and getting fit. It is not too large, but large enough where two people can easily jump around without continuously bumping into each other.


Although it is easy to assemble, owners have stated that you will need more than one person to help, especially when it comes to assembling the enclosure and attaching the springs. The instructions have been said as being vague and not very helpful either. Since the box weighs 140 lbs., you should get someone to help put in the backyard or whatever area you plan on during the assembling at.

Ease of Assembly

The AirZone is very easy to assembly. There are no extra tools required, and there is even an instructional video to assist. Those that purchased the trampoline said that the average time for assembling it was two to three hours.


The trampoline is keep stable on the ground by the 6 W shaped legs so that there is no tipping or wobbling when there is vigorous jumping on it. Because you and your whole family can use it at once, the trampoline needs to be as sturdy as possible.

The AirZone comes with a one-year warranty. Moreover, if a part becomes worn or needs replacement afterwards, then you can just call to have the part shipped to you.

Great Product, Great Price

Owners have been very happy with the quality of the trampoline at the price that they paid for it. According to those that have compared this one to more expensive ones, they are glad they chose this brand and model. A lot of purchasers state that this trampoline is a great value.


Watch Your Children- Saftey 

While it is nice that this trampoline is big enough for the whole family to enjoy, it does invite unruly behavior, i.e. head butting. Whether done on purpose or by accident, because more than one child or teenager can use this at one time, this raises the possibility of head butting or other occurrences happening when children are not paying attention to each other.

Replacement Can Be Costly

Replacement parts are available for the trampoline. However, they are quite costly. This can become an issue if you have young people that like to use it frequently and the pad or springs become worn. In addition, several purchasers have said that they have opened their box to find parts that were missing, some even saying that they were shipped duplicate parts instead of the parts that were needed to assemble the trampoline.


While the description for this trampoline says that it is weather resistant, UV safe, and will deliver years of use, a few owners have stated that the heat from the sun rotted the webbing and pad, making it worthless. The only alternative was to buy a replacement part which was expensive.

There have been a few owners that stated that stated, although the trampoline is a great value, it is a little on the cheap side. The pad is thin and the legs are not as sturdy as those on more expensive models. So if you are looking for a higher value trampoline, this might not be the one for you. Maybe check out some of our other Top Rated Trampolines.

Customer Service Lacking

Some customers that have contacted AirZone regarding missing or broken parts have said that they were told that their warranty had expired and they would have to pay for expensive replacement parts. There have also been customers who have stated that the same thing has happened to them when they called the store or business that sold them the trampoline. Their phone calls or emails have not been answered, and some of these angry customers have been waiting on missing parts for more than six months.

There are also customers who stated that when they sent pictures of what they received when the box arrived to their homes, they were told they were going to be charged for the broken pieces, even though they were told that the trampoline came with a warranty.

AirZone Trampoline Bottom Line

Trampolines are a fun way to exercise and get everyone in your home together for a good time. When you are choosing one, you have to take into consideration who will be using it, how often it will be used, and how much you are willing to pay for quality and value. At a value, the AirZone Trampoline could be the right fit, however if you are looking for a quality trampoline you may be better off checking out a higher quality trampoline.