Trampoline Tie Down Anchors: See Some of the Best Anchors

If you have a trampoline in an area that is prone to strong winds or major storms, you know the importance of tying things down before bad weather hits. One item that is outdoors and people usually do not consider tying down is their trampoline. That is, until it is too late and their trampoline is lifted off the ground. That is why there are trampoline anchors and tie down stakes available for you to use because no one wants to see a large steel disk flying around their yard.


Is It Necessary to Tie Down Your Trampoline?

Trampolines are, in essence, large disk shaped objects that are lifted off the ground by about 3ft. This means that wind is free to travel above and below the trampoline mat. Often, this is not a big problem, but when the wind speed increases, the risk of accidents can occur. Every year there are people who experience what it is like to have their trampoline take flight and damage their home, their fence, and even things in their neighbor’s yard. There have been reports of a trampoline flying up into the air and landing 150ft from where it was located and people have watched their trampoline flip with as little as a 40mph gust of wind.

The only way to prevent possible damage to your trampoline, home, neighbor’s home, etc. is to either take apart the safety net and trampoline mat or tie it down. By disassembling it, you are not creating an air pocket. The downside is, disassembly is not always possible in cases of a sudden storm approaching. Therefore, ensuring that it is always properly anchored is best because whether you are at home or away on vacation, you can feel reasonably certain that your trampoline is not going to pose a danger to anyone or anything.

You can learn more about why you might need a trampoline anchor by reading our ultimate trampoline winter care guide.

Which Is Best? Trampoline Anchors or Tie Down Stakes?

When looking at trampoline tie downs, there is no true guide for which is best. If the wind gets high enough, there remains a possibility that even the best anchors and stakes will fail. However, you decrease the chance of problems by either purchasing anchors that twist down into the soil several inches or by digging a hole and pouring cement into it before placing the trampoline stakes into the ground.

How to Anchor a Trampoline

You have options when it comes to figuring out how to tie down a trampoline. You can either decide on a permanent place for your trampoline and then dig a hole for the stakes, pour in the cement, and hope that you never find a reason to move it, or you can choose a less permanent solution.

The less permanent solution simply involves you buying trampoline wind stakes that have a long, twisting rod that you bury deep in the ground. This will hold better than having just a straight rod in the ground, which may be lifted out of the ground if the wind picks up on the trampoline enough. The spiral steel will not be picked up out of the ground as easily.

Regardless of which type you use, it is also important to double the safety by adding chains or ropes which lead from the trampoline tie downs and up to the steel that surrounds the net. This will ensure that the wind has to push not only against the tie downs, but also the rope, ratchet straps, or chains that your trampoline has on it as well

.Regardless of which type you choose, the important thing is that you make an informed decision on how to secure your trampoline. To help you decide which type you feel will protect your family and everyone around you, here are a few of the most popular trampoline anchors.

Skywalker Trampolines 2” Trampoline Wind Stakes

If you are certain you want to put your trampoline in one place and leave it secured there permanently, this set of 4 stakes will allow you to do it. They are designed to work with any trampoline that has 2” steel tubes for the legs. To learn more about how other people feel they work for them, you can read a full review in our trampoline accessories section post.

Trampoline anchor wind stakes


JumpSport Trampoline Anchor Kit

This single kit includes everything you need to secure your trampoline, including the straps and augers to tie down each of your trampoline legs. All that it takes is a little bit of your time and you will immediately increase the safety of your trampoline. If you would like to know whether it is a stable fix or not, you can read the full review, which includes parent’s thoughts, in the trampoline accessory section of our website.

jumpsport trampoline anchor kit

Upper Bounce Trampoline Anchor Kit

This is a set of 4 anchors and tie downs. You do have to screw it down into the ground for optimal protection for your trampoline. The tie down straps are fully adjustable so that no matter what length you need, you get a secure, tight fitting strap. The tie downs are made of pure steel that will not allow your trampoline to move regardless of how hard your kids are bouncing or how hard the wind may blow. Read More Here⇒

trampoline tie downs

JumpKing Trampoline Anchor Kit

The JumpKing brand of trampoline anchors are spiral augurs which screw down into the ground about a foot. The kit includes 4 augers and 4 tie downs to ensure your trampoline is tightly secured. The only downside is that if you live in a very sandy area, using tie downs that twist, may not have enough support to keep them securely in the ground and you may need to consider cement to help. Read More Here⇒

trampoline augurs

Tie Down Engineering Eye Anchor Kit

These tiw downs are 15” long and work for trampolines or other items that you feel need to be secured to the ground. It has one spiral steel piece at the bottom of the stake, which you must twist fully into the ground. It uses a 1/8” cable along with wired rope clips to run from the anchor to the trampoline surface. Read More Here⇒

tie down anchor kit