Ball Pit for Kids: Read Why Toddlers and Infants Love Them

A lot of parents remember going to certain play areas when they were young children and diving into a kids ball pit. This can be an amazing experience. In ways perhaps more enjoyable than diving into a pool, especially for smaller children and toddlers.

The idea behind them was quite simple. Some daycare areas and other places had them, often combined with larger play lands. Some play lands would have a trampoline on one side and a ball pit nearby, some would have a slide that was aimed at a ball pit, while others would have just a big bouncy house filled with balls. Now, your child can also enjoy the excitement of a ball pit for kids.

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Why A Ball Pit For Kids Rocks

An inflatable ball pit is a joy that you cannot explain unless you have actually had the pleasure of diving in. They are inflatable so you can easily bounce to your heart’s content amid balls that bounce along with you. However, some ball pits may also come with a mini trampoline to give older kids even more of a ball bouncing experiencing.

Either way, the balls that are often found in pits are made of a very soft plastic that will bend if a child happens to land on it while bouncing. There is also no real danger of these balls breaking things if the child gets carried away and begins to toss them around. This does not mean that you should leave your child alone in the ball pit. Especially if it is a ball pit that you plan to use with smaller children.

Are Toddler Ball Pits Safe?

For the most part, ball pits are safe for any aged child to enjoy. They are fun to use because they combine the best of all things for smaller children and larger ones as well. Can you name a child who does not like bouncing and balls to play with?

Some parents, even those who may have used ball pits as children themselves, may worry about whether it is safe or not. The answer to this is simple. If you take time to watch over your child, and you keep safety in mind, children should be fine. One of the most important aspects of a ball pit for babies is your ability to keep it clean.

When you have an inflatable ball pit for toddlers, it is a place where germs may grow and spread, especially if you have multiple children using the same pit. Daily cleaning may be a requirement. You will want to clean it after a child has an accident inside of it, if a child has a cold, or better yet regularly to play it safe. Please click to see “How to clean  Ball Pit.”

Ball Pit Costs

Kids ball pits can range from inexpensive to pretty expensive. If you are looking for something fun to put your baby or young toddler in you can find some pretty cheap options such is the Focusun Portable Baby ball pit which is generally under $20. If you want a ball pit that has other attachments such as a tunnel or mini basketball hoop the price will start to rise. These generally range between $40 – $60. Once you start to get into the larger and inflatable ball pits the prices will generally start around $100 and go up from there depending on the size and accessories.

One of the hidden costs people need to really consider is the price of ball pit balls. Unless you go with really small ones (not recommended) the price for a 100 ball pit balls is normally around $20. That can be more than the cost of a baby ball pit especially if you need 200 – 300 balls to fill it up. As you can see, the more balls you need the more expensive a ball pit can be. If you’re buying one of the larger ball pits you have to consider spending at least $100 – $200 for the balls.

Create Your Own Ball Pit

Many people like to try and create their own ball pits using baby pools or enclosed trampolines. These are great ideas but will not save you much money since you still have to pay for the balls. If you have a large kids pit please try to buy the balls in bulk (300 – 500)  to save some money.

The easiest way for you to know if a ball pit is a good option for your family and the children you love is for you to see what is available. For this, here are a few reviews of some of the most popular options according to other parents.


Play Tent with Tunnel and 100 Balls

This indoor/outdoor ball pit is made by Right Track Toys. It folds up easily when you need to store it and it does come with its own carrying case. As an added bonus, it only weighs 6.5 pounds to ensure you can take it where you want to go. It features a tent that is 22”long by 39.25” wide and 22”high. There are 100 2.75” soft plastic balls that fit inside this tent to create a ball pit. The tunnel is 69” long by 19” wide and only 19” high which makes it ideal for toddlers who are adventurous enough to crawl through. Read Parent Reviews⇒


FocuSun Portable Baby Ball Pit

The FocuSun portable baby ball pit is an easy to set up indoor or outdoor ball pit. One of the main reasons it is so easy is that once you remove the ball pit from its included tote, it simply pops up, ready to play in. Due to its size, this kids ball pit is better suited for babes and young toddlers. It is bright and colorful enough to interest all younger aged children. This is a great playing pit for babies and toddlers. All you have to do is add the balls(sold separately) and the child. It wipes clean, is made of waterproof polyester, and it is fully supported by fiberglass poles. Total dimensions are 39.4” x 19.7”x 14.6″. We recommend ordering at least 200 of the 2.5″ diameter ball pit balls to fill this toy. Read More⇒


Six Sided Hexagon Twist Play Tent Generation II

This is a kids ball pit for sale on Amazon and it has an indoor ball stopper as well as safety mesh around it. You can add on to it by adding hampers, tunnels mats and more. The flapper entrances help to keep balls inside. There are three ways to get inside of it, and there’s an opening at the top. It measures out to be 48”Lx41” Wx38”H. It pops open in seconds to give your child hours of fun and when not in use, simply twist it down for easy storage. No balls are included, but it is recommended that you use about 200 balls. This is a great ball pit for kids over 3. Read More⇒


My Bouncer Perfect Little Inflatable Ball Pit

This inflatable ball pit is 84” long by 72” wide and 40” high. It provides your kids a safe, fun place to play inside with their most favorite balls. Due to the size of this ball pit, we recommend this for children 3 years and older. It does come with a blower pump. It is designed for indoor use, it can be taken outside on sunny days. Inflation takes only about 60 seconds if you use the blower pump. This ensures your kids do not have to wait long to play. It is recommended that you purchase larger 3” balls for this ball pit(sold separately). You will need 1000 – 2000 ball pit balls to fill this product. There are other sizes available from the same manufacturer and your kids will enjoy playing in it both alone and with their friends. Read Owner Reviews Here⇒ 


My Bouncer’s Little Castle Ball Pit and Bounce House

This castle adds fun to any day by offering kids the thrill of a bounce house and a built-in inflatable ball pit. Due to the size of this ball pit, we recommend this for children 3 years and older. It does require you to have a large floor area since it measures 88” long and 118” wide. The total play area is 72” high at the highest area, over the bounce area. You may also want to use larger 3” balls to fill the large ball pit play area. You will need 500 – 1000 ball pit balls to properly fill this product. It does come with a blower which must stay on it while in use. This means it can become fully inflated in about one minute. Deflation takes about 3 minutes and you can then roll it up and take it with you anywhere. This is a great ball pit for kids 3 and over.  Read Parent Reviews⇒ 


ECR4Kids SoftZone CLimber and Ball Pit

The best thing about this ball pit is that instead of being made of plastic, it is made with durable polyurethane foam shapes and a vinyl covering. Kids can climb on it, jump into the ball pit and just, in general, have a great time. It is designed to fit within a corner of the room. This adds stability and keeps kids safer while they play. It is all sectional though. This means you can put it where it fits the best inside your home, classroom, or other areas. When put together, it measures 60”Wx60” Dx18”H. This ball pit is recommended for kids 1-3 years old. Read Owner Reviews Here⇒ 

Ball Pit Balls Pack of 100 Phthalate Free BPA Free and Crush Proof

If you want to have a ball pit and need extra cheap ball pit balls they are also available on Amazon. 100 balls in five bold colors are available for very little money. These balls are safe for children. Being only 2.5” in diameter they are easy for small children to hold. Multiple colors are available and they are strong enough to stay unbroken even with 120 pounds of weight on them.