Springfree Tgoma

Parents everywhere spend hours trying to come up with new ways to get their kids to be more active in a world that is centered around technology. Trampolines promise to get them outdoors and it is a great way to get a healthy workout for kids of all ages. However, no one wants to go out and simply jump on a trampoline. That is why there are trampoline basketball hoops and other accessories that you can add. They get boring and many require a group to play. Now, you can still encourage healthy outdoor activities and take a little technology with you. The new Springfree Tgoma  interactive digital game system is the best of both worlds and there are enough games to play that no one will ever get bored again.


What Is the Springfree Tgoma?

It is the first outdoor interactive digital game system that you can put on your iPad or Android tablet. The system is attached to a Springfree trampoline. The Tgoma app has games that kids can play, but the difference between it and other apps is that the child has to bounce in order to work the games. For instance, the child will have to jump to make things happen in the game. There are also games that are enjoyable for adults and exercise routines that they can do to ensure that they also enjoy a better way of enjoying time outdoors.

Features of the Tgoma

Some of the games that kids can play include stickers, where every bounce puts beautiful stickers on the iPad or tablet of your choice. There are math games, creative games with sound effects, and games that require them to stomp to eliminate aliens.

The TgomaFit app puts you in front of a professional trampoline coach that will talk you through 26 exercises while you get fit. You can choose a core workout, aerobic workout, and more.

On the application, you can add multiple users and each user’s preferences will be saved for the next time that they get on the trampoline. Each user can compete with others around the world to complete goals. It will also keep track of how much time you spend on your trampoline to ensure you are getting enough daily exercise.

You can purchase new games, but upon installing the app you will get 3000 tokens to get you started. This means you get 7-8 games free, depending on the games you choose.



You do have to attach the Tgoma gaming system to your trampoline following a few simple steps. The game controller works wirelessly with your tablet. Once everything is connected, all you have to do is play. There is a pouch that attaches to the safety net of your trampoline. This is where your tablet will sit so that you can see it while you bounce.


Springfree Tgoma Owners

Springfree trampolines are popular and you can read many reviews about how safe they are to use. The fact that now Springfree is combined with the Tgoma, is making people love it even more. As you look at app reviews, you will see that it gets great marks from the people who have tested it so far. It is loved by the entire family in most cases. Parents say that it incorporates fun, learning, and spatial recognition. They like that kids can learn and practice their math skills while having fun and getting the exercise that they need. They also love the intense workout that they can get from it.

Final Thoughts

If you are shopping for a new trampoline, you should always look for one that your kids can have the most fun with. In the past, this typically meant larger is better. Springfree Tgoma changes the way that people jump on their trampolines. It gives them more to do while they jump. That should be reason enough  to consider buying a trampoline that comes with the Tgoma gaming system. It may be the single best thing you could do for your child’s health and yours.