Fold & Go Mini Trampoline Review

This Fold & Go Mini Trampoline is in a category of its own, as it does serve a particular need, small jumpers. This trampoline is designed to be set up quickly, yet provide all the safety features you would like to protect your children as much as possible. Manufactured by the Original Toy Company, whom specializes in children toys and play equipment, the Fold & Go was designed specifically to do what it says, Fold and Go. See below how easy the setup process is.

Mini Trampoline Features

  • • Foldable
  • • Safety Pad
  • • 3′ in Diameter to accomodate jumpers up to 150 lbs
  • • Manufactured by a reputable company
  • • Easy Assembly (Only 4 screws)
  • • 35″ from floor jumping handle

Shipping Size

  • 18 lbs


This trampoline is about as easy as they come with regards to setup. Because the trampoline utilizes spring bands as opposed to springs, it is much safer for children.


The trampoline is not anchored to the ground so when jumpers grow older and heavier, there can be an issue with shifting of the legs when dismounting the trampoline.

Fold & Go Common Questions:

Q: What age group is this trampoline intended for?

A: The trampoline is intended for ages 3+ due to a choking hazard of small parts, but owners have reported back that children of age 5 use this no problem. It is designed for children up to 150 lbs

Q: Can the handlebar be removed when my child gets older?

A: Yes, the handlebar can be removed and trampoline can be used without the bar for older jumpers.

Q: Does the trampoline use springs or bands to provide bounce?

A: Bungy Bands, not springs

Fold & Go Trampoline Reviews

This trampoline has been around for some time now, and with over 500 Reviews on Amazon the mini trampoline has been owner and reviewed by many users. Of those reviews, many are overwhelming positive. Most owners claim this is a great way for their children to get some exercise, and can even be used indoors in the event of harsh winter. Read More Owner Reviews⇒