Best Trampoline for Kids – Indoor & Outdoor Options for Kids

A challenge for many parents these days is to find fun and engaging activities to keep their young ones active. In a world of screens, whether it be the phone, tablet, or TV, it’s a constant challenge to find better alternatives. Enter trampolines for kids.

Not only is it a fun distraction for kids, it also helps improve their fitness. There’s a wide variety of trampolines to choose from, so today we’ll look at the best trampolines for kids.


Best Trampolines for Kids to Keep Inside

For those looking for smaller, indoor fun, there are a wide variety of indoor trampolines available. They can vary widely in size, audience, and quality; so it’s important to research the best option for you.

Due to their smaller size, indoor models make a great trampolines for toddlers and other small children. Here’s our pick for the best six indoor kids trampolines.

Mermax 36” Kid’s Mini Exercise Trampoline

The Mermax 36” trampoline is a perfect trampoline for toddlers. This kids trampoline features a large jumping area, and a grip bar for added safety. It also comes in multiple colors, perfect to satisfy picky children with their favorite.

  • Dimensions: 36 x 36 x 30
  • Weight Capacity: 180lbs
  • Product Weight: 18lbs

What makes this particular trampoline perfect for indoor use is its small size. This makes it easy to move and store as needed. Add to that a quick and painless initial setup and you’ve got a winning combo for both kids and parents!

The large weight capacity also allows for a wide range of users. In fact, many adults use it with the handrail removed as an exercise trampoline.

While this kids trampoline is not the cheapest on the market, it’s certainly not the most expensive either. As the saying goes “you get what you pay for” and it’s definitely one of the best kids trampolines for the money given the quality construction of this model.

Best Trampoline for Kids - mermax

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Langxun 5’ Trampoline With Enclosure Net

A bit larger than some other indoor kids trampolines, the Langxun 5’ trampoline makes a great trampoline for larger or multiple kids. The large size of this unit gives a lot of available jumping space, and the safety net adds additional safety.

Make sure, that you provide enough room to safely place this trampoline. This includes height as well, being a bit larger of a trampoline the bounce is going to be a bit higher than on smaller model.

  • Jumping Area: 19sq Feet
  • Weight Capacity: 220lbs
  • Enclosure net for added safety

What really stands out with this trampoline is the size. While pushing the bounds of “indoor” it makes a great addition to a large basement for example. The pricing is a bit more than similar quality indoor units, but they lack the extra size.

It’s definitely worth the extra amount if looking for something a bit larger than the competition.

The enclosure net also makes a great addition. Safety is the prime concern for all parents, so having that additional security is a great bonus. For a kids trampolines of this size, we wouldn’t want to buy one without it.

trampolines for kids Langxun 5’ Trampolines for kids

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Little Tikes 3’ Trampoline

The little tikes trampoline is a small, compact trampoline perfect for the youngest of bouncers. Being quick to assemble, it’s also a great buy for the parent. Keep in mind, this kids trampoline is for indoor use only, and will likely be damaged if left exposed to the elements.

  • Dimensions: 36 x 36 x 33.5
  • Weight Capacity: 55lbs
  • Bar for added stability

The Little Tikes trampoline is also one of the cheaper options available, which is surprising given its build quality. The only gripe with this particular model is the foam on the handle has been known to come off. Many parents have taken to wrapping to prevent this, or remove it completely.

Also, keep in the mind the weight limit for this unit is 55lbs. This makes it great for many ages of toddlers and kids, but can’t double as an exercise unit like some others.

That said, the quality of this kids trampoline can’t be beat, and it makes a fantastic unit for all ages of small children.
toddler trampoline Little Tikes 3’ trampoline for kids

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Skywalker 40” Trampoline

The skywalker trampoline is a great unit for toddlers aged 3-7. With a 100lbs weight capacity, it’s certainly able to handle a wide range of ages, and can grow with your child. With a 40” diameter, it also provides a good amount of jumping room.

  • Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 56
  • Weight Capacity: 100lbs
  • Enclosed for add safety

One thing to note, this is primarily an indoor kids trampoline. If left outdoors, especially during the winter, it’s likely to be damaged by the elements. It simply isn’t built with weather resistance in mind.

This unit also features an enclosure net, which is great for providing safety to young bouncers. It also features a stretch band design instead of the traditional springs.

This still provides all the bouncing fun of a traditional build, but without the risk of pinched fingers that come along with springs.

Price wise, the unit is very fairly priced for the size and quality. While not as big as some others, having the enclosure net and stretch band design are definitely pluses and brings some serious value to this particular kids trampoline.

trampoline for kidsSkywalker 40” Trampoline for kids

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Merax Twin Trampoline

This unique trampoline actually features two jumping surfaces separated by a stability handlebar.

This makes it fantastic for jumping along with your child, or for families with two kids. To make it even better, the handlebar is removable, making the bounce area twice as large when needed.

  • Dimensions: 56 x 36 x 54
  • Weight Capacity: 180lbs
  • Unique, twin design

This trampoline for kids is also extremely durable, and many report it lasting through several years of use. This makes it an excellent value for the money. This is especially the case when you can let two people bounce on it at once!

Overall, this is a fantastic indoor kids trampoline. The two person design is a bit odd at first, and can turn some people off, but makes an excellent choice for joint fun.

If you’re a family with two kids this is a great way to get a small trampoline that can still support multiple bouncers.

indoor trampoline for kids Merax Twin Trampoline for kids

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Dimple “Dance Jump & Play” Mini Electronic Trampoline

The “Dance Jump & Play” trampoline is truly an interesting trampoline that combines activity and technology. The trampoline comes with a touch sensitive pad that lets your kids play games and jump in time to music! This is a very cool mix, and is a bit of step up from a typical kids trampoline.

  • Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 9
  • Weight Capacity: 200lbs
  • Plugin and bluetooth compatible

This trampoline features a whopping 200lb weight limit, meaning it will grow with your kids for many years. You definitely pay for all the features though, this is the most expensive indoor kids trampoline on the list. That said, it’s also the most feature packed, which contributes to its price.

With bluetooth and plugin support, you can easily stream your favorite tunes through the trampoline. This makes it the perfect mix of activity and technology, sure to be great fun for kids of all ages!

Dimple Mini Electronic Trampoline for kids

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Best Trampolines for Kids to Keep Outdoors

While indoor play is great, nothing beats getting some fresh air. Luckily, there are a number of trampolines designed for the use outdoors.

These are typically a bit larger, and are made with the elements in mind. They are also a bit more expensive than their indoor counterparts, so keep that in mind when comparing prices.

Also, keep in mind the age of your children when looking at outdoor trampolines. Their increased size is generally better for kids that have a few more years on them. Many outdoor trampolines are a bit too much for toddlers to handle.

Here’s our 6 favorite outdoor trampolines for kids!

Skywalker 15’ Jump N’ Dunk

The Jump N’ Dunk is a neat trampoline that combines the fun of bouncing and basketball. A small basketball hoop attached to the netting provides hours of fun for all ages. It’s also built by Skywalker, a well known brand in trampolines that produces high quality products.

  • Dimensions: 108.3 x 180 x 180
  • Weight Capacity: 200lbs
  • Durable and Lasting Construction

With a solid weight capacity, this is the perfect trampoline for multiple children, or even for use by parents! It is a pricey model, but you definitely get what you pay for. The quality is top notch, and the enclosure net is well made and provides extra safety.

For those looking for a bit less, Skywalker also produces a 12’ version of the same trampoline. You get the same high-quality construction, but at a reduced price fitting with a smaller size. This is great for those looking for a more budget conscious solution and don’t need the extra jumping space.

outdoor trampolines for kids Skywalker 15’ best trampoline for kids

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Little Tikes 7’ Climb and Slide

The Climb and Slide is one of the best trampolines for kids with the added fun of more traditional playground equipment. The standard trampoline is bordered on one side by a small climbing wall, and the other by a short slide. The addition of these two features provides endless fun!

  • Dimensions: 54 x 126.1 x 55.9
  • Weight Capacity: 105lbs
  • Slide and climbing attachment remove easily for storage

The extras on this trampoline really set it apart, and add an extra element for fun. That said, they, along with the weight limit, do preclude adults from joining in the fun.

The price is also quite steep; but for the size, extras, and construction quality it’s definitely worth it.

One cool feature, is that the extras are able to be removed without much effort. This is great for storage purposes.

The trampoline is bordered on all sides by an enclosure net for safety. This enclosure has two zipper entrances for both addons. It also has high-quality foam coverings on all metal parts and pad protectors to safely cover the springs.

These features add to the overall safety of the model, and provide parents with a bit of peace of mind when their children are using it.

Little Tikes 7’ Climb and Slide for kids

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SkyBound Stratos

The Stratos by SkyBound is one of the highest quality trampolines for kids on the market. With a price to match, it’s definitely not for the budget conscious. With that in mind, it’s hard to beat the quality they pack into each unit and you’ll definitely feel you got your monies worth on this one.

  • Multiple sizes available
  • Weight Limit: 330lbs
  • Proprietary springs proven to be 50% more durable and bouncier

With a 330lb weight limit, this makes a great unit for the whole family. The size and capacity make it perfect for multiple jumpers, and it makes an excellent family activity. If you’re looking to make the trampoline a centerpiece for the family this is a great model for that.

The netting is also extremely durable, and is supported by additional poles for added strength. This creates a safe environment to have fun in, without worrying about the quality of the net.

If all that wasn’t enough, it also comes with a full 10 year frame warranty. This guarantees years of fun without the worry! Many buyers have also commented on the ease of setup.

The Stratos is available in a couple of different sizes, 12ft, 14ft, and 15ft. Each one is of the same high quality. The multiple options are nice to have for families that don’t quite need as much bouncing space.

SkyBound Stratos trampoline for kids

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Giantex 55” Mini Trampoline

The Giantex 55” is quite a bit smaller than the other options, but makes an excellent trampoline for those that don’t need a giant 12’+ option. Due to its size, this trampoline is good for a single bouncer.

  • Dimensions: 64 x 55 x 12.6
  • Weight Capacity: 66lbs
  • Collapsible design for easy storage

This trampoline for kids is also great for the budget conscious. Due to its smaller size than other outdoor kids trampolines, you can expect to pay quite a bit less for this model.

That reduced price doesn’t reflect the quality however, this unit is still top notch. The construction is solid, and the enclosure net is well made. Everything is padded providing addition safety to young bouncers.

If you’re looking for a smaller outdoor kids trampoline this is a great choice. It’s collapsible design and lightweight also make it a breeze to move and store. No messy disassembly required to store for the winter!

Giantex 55” Mini Trampoline for kids

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ACON Air 4.3 Trampoline 14’

Another premium trampoline, the ACON Air 4.3 is built with quality in mind. It comes with a hefty price tag, but for those looking for the best of the best it’s well worth it.

  • No single user weight restriction
  • Galvanized Frame Pipes
  • Premium Enclosure

The construction on this unit is top notch. Everything from the mat, to the springs, to the rods are all constructed with quality in mind. ACON also goes into the specifics of what makes each of the parts unique, giving piece of mind to those who like to truly know their product.

It’s also quite weather resistant. Leaving it out in the rain or snow is no issues, and the trampoline will hold up well against the worst nature can throw at it. The galvanized steel used in its construction is especially resistant to rust which could quickly ruin it otherwise.

The Air 4.3 is definitely a premium trampoline, and definitely lives up it in both construction quality and safety.
ACON Air 4.3 Trampoline 14’ for kids

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Merax 12’ Round Trampoline With Ladder & Basketball Hoop

Another combo trampoline, this 12’ model from Mermax includes a basketball hoop for added fun. It also comes with handy ladder making it easy on and off for small children. The 12’ size provides ample room for multiple children and families.

  • Weight Capacity: 300lbs
  • 13.8” basketball rim
  • Rust proof springs

Overall, this is a very nice trampoline. With a 300lb weight limit multiple kids can enjoy it at the same time. The ladder is also a nice touch make getting on and off a breeze helping to prevent any injuries that could otherwise happen.

The enclosure net is also high quality and adds addition safety to bouncers. It’s made out a of a UV-proof material, which protects the trampoline from sun damage extending its usable life.

Price wise, this is a pretty good choice. The quality and size is good, and well worth the purchase price. Mermax also has a 14’ option available at a slightly higher cost for those who want a bit more.

Mermax 12’ Round Trampoline for kids

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Why Trampolines Are Great For Kids!

trampoline for kids
Trampolines are great for all ages, but make an especially fun activity for kids. In a life of sedentary activities like Television and Video games, a trampoline is great way to get kids active!

Trampolines help improve balance and coordination while also building cardio endurance. All that bouncing around can get tiring! Overall, they make an excellent physical activity for all ages, and are a great way to get kids up and away from all those screens.

It’s also a great way to burn off all that extra energy kids seem to have. Set them off bouncing for a while and they’ll come back tired and ready to sleep!

Kids Trampoline Safety: Education Equals Safety

The single biggest concern of parents when buying a trampoline for their kids is safety. While trampolines can indeed be dangerous, with proper research and an understanding of the risks involved it’s possible to both be safe and have fun.

The biggest key to safety when using a kids trampolines is knowledge.

Understand the risk factors of trampolines for kids, and what steps you can take to minimizes these risks.

Educating yourself also extends to understanding the different types of trampolines available for purchase. There are many different types of trampolines available for purchase, both indoors and out, and each one may have difference best practices for safety.

Make sure to fully understand all the relevant details of a trampolines for kids before purchasing one.

It’s also important to make sure that your children understand proper safety, they are the ones using it after all. Make sure they are aware of the proper way to use the trampoline, and which types of activities are dangerous.

Finally, always make sure the trampoline you buy is a solid product made from quality products. All the preparation in the world won’t save you if the product you’re using gives out.

Spend some time, research your options, and pick a trampoline for kids that you can rely on.

There are a handful of well known, quality brands in the trampoline space. Going with a product from one of these manufactures is a good bet to ensuring a quality product.

What You Should Consider When Choosing a Kids Trampoline

With some many different options out there there’s a lot of different things to consider when picking out the perfect trampoline. Many of the considerations are similar, but there are also items specific to outdoors or indoor versions. Let’s take a look at some of the questions you should be asking before you start looking for a new trampoline.

Have Enough Space

First and foremost, it’s important to understand the space need for the size of trampolines you’re looking to purchase. This includes both the space to set it up, as well as bounce height.

You want to have a few feet of clearance at least above the trampoline to allow for enough bouncing room.

In addition to that, there are also a couple of location specific things to keep in mind for indoors vs outdoors.

Best toddler trampoline

Indoor Kids Trampoline Tips

Indoor kids trampolines are usually a bit smaller and therefore weigh less. It’s important to keep in mind that this can sometimes lead to small movements of the trampoline. This means you should place the trampoline away from any sort stairs or other sorts of vertical dangers.

It’s also super important to keep vertical clearance in mind. If you have low ceilings, it’s important to not have a trampoline that puts bouncers in danger of hitting it. You really don’t want kids smacking their heads.

Most toddler sized models won’t be large enough to worry about this, but as you look at larger models always keep the height in mind.

Outdoor Kids Trampoline Tips

Outdoors it’s important to make sure the trampoline is placed on flat ground. This provides the best surface to bounce on, but is also essential to preventing injuries.

Trampolines that are on uneven ground are more likely to move around or event tip which can lead to serious injuries. The ground should also be firm, don’t place a trampoline in an area that accumulates water or gets too muddy.

You’ll also want to be sure the trampoline is placed away from any sort of obstacles. This includes things like trees, electrical wires, porches, and other obstructions. Placement too close to any of these can lead to accidents and injuries.

What Kids Trampoline Shape is Best?

When searching for trampolines you’ll come across different shapes. These are typically round, square, or rectangular although there are a couple of other less common shapes like an octagon. Each of these shapes has its own target audience, so look to choose one that fits with your child.


Round trampolines are one of the most common shapes, and the majority of the ones on the market today are this shape. Round is great for toddlers and kids especially because it works to naturally redirect the user back towards the center. The springs of a round trampoline are all evenly placed around the edge which contributes to this.

Round trampolines also typically support less weight than the other shapes. This also means that they don’t have as much force in them to propell bouncers. This is great for younger children, toddlers, and other beginners as it greatly reduces the risk of injury.

For first time buyers, round is a great choice.


The square is a bit of a step up in terms of skill level from the round. Square trampolines typically provide a higher bounce than round but less than rectangle. This makes it a good inbetween of the two shapes.

For those with a bit more experience and looking to get a higher bounce a square trampoline is a great choice. This does however add a bit of additional risk; square is better for an experienced jumper and older kids.


Finally, we have the rectangular kids trampoline which can provide the best bounce of all! Rectangular trampolines are typically seen in competitive sports such as gymnastics because of this.

This extra bouncing power comes with an increased risk of injury however. Unlike round, the placement of the springs gives much more control to the bouncer on where they land. They aren’t naturally pushed towards the center.

This means that rectangular trampolines should be reserved for those with a bit of experience bouncing, and do not make a good choice for smaller children and toddlers.

If you’re an experience bouncer, rectangle trampolines make for a great time.

Do Kids Trampolines have Different Weight Capacities?

It’s also important to understand the weight capacity you’ll need for the trampoline for kids. While the different shapes do limit this in some fashion (Rectangles typically have higher capacity than round) there still is a wide range of weights in each shape category.

When looking at weight capacity, the first thing to ask is always how many individuals will be using the trampoline and who are they. Some trampolines are built for a single user, while larger ones can easily accommodate multiple bouncers at once.

If you’re planning to have multiple kids, or even adults, boncing at once make sure the trampoline can support the weight.

The weight limits that come with trampolines are very important not to ignore. They are created for your safety. Exceeding them is an easy way to lead to damage to the trampoline itself or even injuries to the users. Always check the manufacturer’s recommendations prior to purchase.

Kids Trampoline

Safety Features to Look for on Kids Trampolines

While we’ve touched on some of the features that can affect a trampolines safety, there are a wide range of other items that directly impact this as well. Some of these might not be as obvious, so it’s important to understand their effect and how they can impact your child’s safety.


The most obvious safety feature that many kids trampolines come with is a safety net enclosing the entirety of the bounce space. This might also be referred to as the trampoline enclosure. Enclosures help keep the bouncers on the trampoline, and prevent kids from falling off.

This is very important as the majority of trampoline related injuries occur when users are thrown off the side. Having a net can prevent this, and keep kids safe while having fun. A net isn’t full proof though; don’t let the inclusion of an enclosure net override common sense.

It’s also important to periodically check and make sure the enclosure has not suffered any wear and is properly secured. Through normal use, the enclosure might become loose in parts or begin to show signs of wear. In these cases, it’s important to immediately correct the problem to prevent any injuries occuring.

Stability Bar

A common feature among trampolines for toddlers is the stability bar that adds additional support. This bar can be gripped, and used for support when bouncing.

This gives the bouncer an additional point of support which can help them control the direction and intensity of their bounce. It also helps keep the user centered, which can help prevent wild bounces that send them off the side.

Finally, it provides support when getting on and off the trampoline. This is especially important for toddlers and young children who may still be working on their balance.


Another important aspect of safety is the amount of padding on the trampoline. You’ll typically see padding around the frame, edges, and on any poles supporting the enclosure.

Padding is meant to lessen the impact of any collisions with these objects. Having a high-quality padding is essential to prevent a lot of simple injuries.

As with the enclosure, it’s important to regularly check the padding for wear and tear. Torn up or worn down padding needs to be replaced as soon as possible as it will not do its job as well. Most manufacturers sell replacement parts for their trampolines, so always check with them for replacements.

Springless Trampolines

A different kind of trampoline that has its own set of safety features is the springless trampoline. Springless trampolines remove the springs and instead use special rods which allows the bouncing area to be removed from the frame. This prevents some injuries where the bouncer would land awkwardly on the frame or springs.

While they generally provide a bit more safety from specific types of injuries, it does come with an increased cost. Springless trampolines are a bit more expensive than traditional. If you can afford it though, it’s a great option that can be exceptionally safe compared to standard spring varieties.

Adult Supervision

While all the above safety measures are great, nothing beats good old adult supervision. Anytime a child is using a trampoline, big or small, it’s important have an adult watching them to ensure safe play.

Being proactive is the best way to prevent injuries. Keep a close eye on anyone bouncing around on a trampoline.

Kids Trampoline Durability

Another important aspect of purchasing a trampoline is the durability. Trampolines are not cheap, so most consumers want something that is going to last a couple of years minimum to get their money’s worth. This becomes especially important to consider for outdoor trampolines that are exposed to the various elements.

Weather Resistant Construction

(Galvanized steel)
For outdoor trampolines, the first thing to make sure is that the materials being used are weather resistant. One of the big things to look for here is galvanized steel. This type of steel is much more resistant to rust, and will last significantly longer than standard steel.

Another commonly weatherized component is the enclosure net. Many times, these are built from UV resistant material. This helps them last longer in the intense sun of summer, and prevents them from wearing down because of it. Also look out for UV resistant material to be woven into the mat itself; providing all the benefits her as well.

Consider also buying a cover for your trampoline. A good cover can extend the life of your trampoline by providing additional protection. A cover will help prevent damage from the sun as well as other issues like standing water or snow.

It also keep your trampoline from things like dirt or bird droppings, and keeps your trampoline dry from rain or snow.

Weight Limit: Have Your Kids Grow Into Your Trampoline

While not directly related to the durability of the trampoline, the weight limit of a trampoline definitely effects its logentiviy. If you’re looking for years of fun, look to purchase a trampoline that can support your children as they grow.

This is not difficult, many toddler specific models have weight limits reaching towards 100lbs! You don’t have to sacrifice safety here, but may end up paying a bit more due to the higher quality of materials used to construct some of these models.

With larger models, this is typically not a problem. With weight limits that support multiple people, they’ll be usable for years as kids grow.

Read the Fine Print: Warranty Information

Lastly, consider the warranty offered by the manufacture. Many manufacturers provide a warranty that covers parts of the trampoline; in some cases all of it. While not directly related to the quality of the product, a long warranty can be telling about what the manufacture thinks of their product and also provides you with piece of mind should anything be defective.

Recommended Age

The size of the trampoline for kids is generally the biggest consideration when determining the correct age for a trampoline. This is just a rule of thumb though, so always check the manufacturer’s recommendations when in doubt.

For younger children, starting around age 3, a mini trampoline is a great choice. There are a wide range of these available, and these are great introduction for younger children.

Larger trampolines are better suited for older kids. Generally, by around the age of 6 children have the coordination to handle a larger trampoline.


With such a wide range of trampolines, the amount of time and effort required to assemble varies widely. As a general rule of thumb though, the larger the trampoline the more it will take to put it together. There’s simply more parts in a large, 14’ trampoline than a small one built for a single toddler.

If this is a huge concerns, check out some reviews of the trampoline before purchasing. Many buyers are more than happy to talk about the assembly process, and these can help you decide if it’s something you want to tackle.

In many cases, professional assembly is available. This gives you piece of mind that the trampoline was assembled correctly, and that there will be no issues of loose pieces causing injuries down the line. This is a great option for those looking to save a bit of time or simple aren’t handy with a toolkit.

Trampolines For Kids Conclusion

Overall, trampolines make a great activity for kids of all ages. With a wide range of different options to choose from, there’s certainly one out there that will fit your child while still providing maximum safety.

FAQ Trampolines For Kids

At What Age Can I Buy Trampoline For My Child?

It depends on the size of the trampoline, but the minimum recommended age is 3 years old for small, single-user trampolines. For larger trampolines the recommended age is higher. Always check the manufacturer’s recommendations.

How Safe Are Trampolines for kids?

While trampolines can be a dangerous activity, the safety has come a long way in past decade. The most important step to kids trampoline safety is educating yourself on the risks, and making sure to educate your children on how to use it in a safe manner.

Can Multiple Kids Use a Trampoline at the Same Time?

It depends on the size. Kids trampolines come in many sizes from small models built for a single toddler, up to large 15’ and beyond. Check the size and manufacturer’s recommendations if looking for a model that can support multiple children or adults at once.

What is The Weight Limit For a Kids Trampolines?

This depends on the size of the kids trampoline and the materials used in its construction. While larger trampolines can hold more weight, there is also a wide variance even for models of the same size. Check the manufacturer’s recommendation and take care to follow it. Going over the weight limit can damage the trampoline or cause injuries to the user.