Trampoline Socks : Should You Wear Them?

Exercising is a great way to reduce stress and stay fit and healthy. There are many ways people adopt to ensure body fitness. Of the number of ways to do that, Trampoline is a much more exciting and fun option. Jumping on a trampoline for 10-15 minutes burns calories as the same as a half hour walk. For kids and adults alike, it is a great way to exhaust your energies doing something that is not just healthy for them but is equally fun to do.


Trampoline Features

The origin of a Trampoline is often disputed yet what matters is the fact that a great and useful creation came into existence that changed the way people perceived exercising in general. A trampoline made from the right equipment, under the supervision and kept under a hygienic watch is definitely a good choice to burn some calories and have a great time. On part of the users, there are some safety measures that are recommended by trampoline owners and one of such safety measure for the safety of your feet are trampoline socks.

Trampoline socks are stretchable, non-slip socks that are worn while using a trampoline in order to avoid damaging the sole of your feet. It has certain pros and cons to itself and they are discussed as follows for your convenience:

Why Trampoline Socks Should be Used

  • Keeps the sole of your feet safe from the damage of jumping from long durations
  • Keeps your toes from getting stuck in the trampoline itself
  • Non-slipping socks with a grippy sole provide a better and firm hold on the trampoline
  • It protects your feet as well from other people using the trampoline

Some Cons

  • Using trampoline socks by public trampolines can be unhygienic since it involves sharing socks with other strangers and cause diseases on your feet
  • Prolong wearing of trampoline socks can make your feet damp and create issues or problems

Although a few disadvantages, experts advise using trampoline socks given that safety of feet is much more superior. Also, the cons can be eliminated by bringing your own trampoline socks to public parks or gymnastics to ensure no transfer of diseases or any unhygienic exposure to germs or smelly feet. You can also set duration and change or take off your socks to allow your feet to relax and breathe.

Which Trampoline Socks to Buy?

There are many places online where you can purchase good quality and reliable trampoline socks, but the best brands to purchase which guarantee comfortable and non-slipping socks, at affordable rates, are as follows:

  • StopSocks is a brand that provides comfortable multi purpose socks that can be used for exercising as well as on a trampoline. They are soft, stylish and have a firm grip to itself with a grippy sole.

  • YogaAddicts also has a version of trampoline socks that are available in a variety of sizes and are extremely comfortable to use.

  • Apex offers unisex trampoline socks that are skid resistant, anti-slip and offer a great grip with its grippy sole.

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