How to Make a Repurposed Trampoline (What To Do With Your Old Trampoline)

What To Do With Your Old Trampoline

If your trampoline has finally kicked the bucket, and the cost of repairs would go way over the cost of getting a new one, it’s time for you to make some decisions. If you’ve never heard of a repurposed trampoline, and have one that fits the bill, we’ve got some exciting things to show you!

Even though you may want to just say “the heck with it” and switch over to looking at the best trampolines of 2018, check out what we’ve got in store for you before you do so. There are hundreds of neat ideas out there that give your old, out of use trampoline a new purpose.


Trampoline Chicken Coop

This repurposed trampoline idea is, obviously, not for everyone, but it’s definitely an interesting one. There is virtually no waste from your trampoline, other than the jump surface, which makes it a great option for recycling and reusing everything you can instead of throwing it all away!

You can begin by covering the springs with a weather-resistant spray or material, completely removing the trampoline’s jump surface. Before flipping it over, you’ll need to wrap some chicken wire around the bottom to create an enclosure.

Trampoline chicken coop 1

Next, flip over the trampoline so that the legs are in the air. Wooden boards where the wire meets the ground is also a good idea, as well! Between two of the legs is where you’ll want to set up a separate nesting area, but you can do this inside of the trampoline if it’s not that big.

Trampoline chicken coop 2

However, if you want to keep the jump surface to protect your chickens from the sun, that can be done, as well! All you have to do is follow the same steps we just gave you, but instead of removing the trampoline’s jump surface and flipping it over, you keep it upright with the jump surface still fully intact.


Trampoline Dog Beds

If you have a couple of mini trampolines, plus a dog or two, laying around out of use, this is the perfect repurposed trampoline idea for you. It’ll even work for cats, too!

Thankfully, not much work is needed here, but you must make sure that the trampoline is still somewhat intact. For example, if one side is dragging down a little bit, try shoving a small cushion under there.

Trampoline Dog Beds

If your mini trampoline doesn’t have any safety pads or covers, however, you can easily make them safe for your dog to use. You can use pool noodles, for example, to cover the springs.


Backyard Trampoline Garden

If you’re a green thumb who’s run out of space for their garden, but are also figuring out what to do with your broken down trampoline, then this idea is for you.

All you really need is the frame from your old trampoline, which will give you a nice guideline to build a garden in. Everything will stay contained neatly within the border, and you can even attach chicken wire to the legs to ensure that no critters make their way in to have an afternoon snack on your veggies.

backyard trampoline garden

What’s interesting about the backyard trampoline garden, is the fact that you can add anything you want to make it your own! Some have extended chicken wire and a makeshift fence to ensure that they can get in, but nothing that isn’t supposed to be there can get in, as well.


Trampoline Organic Greenhouse

If you’ve always wanted a greenhouse in your backyard, but have no clue where to start, welcome to the best idea you’ve had all day.

trampoline greenhouse

Performing a basic Google search will give you all the specific plans and blueprints you’ll need, but you can look for ones that allow you to use your old trampoline for the majority of the construction materials and overall process.


Hanging Trampoline Bed

Hanging beds can cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars, so what if we told you that you could make your very own hanging trampoline bed at home, without having to burn a major hole in your wallet?

You’ll need your trampoline ring with all of the springs and the jump mat still completely attached. You’ll also need some fabric or some sheets, foam padding or a sized mattress, a chain, some braided rope, an installation piece for the ceiling and however many cushions and blankets your heart desires!

trampoline bed

Start by covering the springs and the jump mat using the fabric or the sheets, putting the mattress in underneath. Once that’s done, attach the ropes equally on all sides with one long extension. Next, install the ceiling piece, attach the chain, and tie the rope to the chain.

Once you’ve got all of the basics worked out, you can decorate it to your heart’s desire. For example, some people prefer an open hanging bed, while others like the style that’s more of a private, tent.


Your Next Repurposed Trampoline

The next time your trampoline finally bites the dust, don’t throw it away! There are so many awesome things you can do with a repurposed trampoline.

FAQ About Repurposed Trampoline

FAQ About Repurposed Trampoline

If you don’t see an answer to your question listed below in our FAQ section, let us know and we’ll do our best to help you out!

What is a repurposed trampoline?

A repurposed trampoline is a broken down trampoline, or just a trampoline that has no real use anymore, that has been transformed to serve another need. For example, an old trampoline repurposed into a chicken coop.

How is a repurposed trampoline made?

The answer to this question depends solely on what you are planning on doing with your old trampoline to make a repurposed one. Once you have an idea in mind, you can expand what you want to do by researching on Google, for example.

Are repurposed trampolines expensive?

Technically, no. This is somewhat of a strange question and answer, because while it does help you cut some financial corners through using your old trampoline to make something new, you’ll more than likely have to spend that money you’ve saved on other things. For example, a mattress or foam padding for a repurposed trampoline hanging bed.