Best Trampolines of 2019

Trampolines offer hours of endless fun, but selecting the best one based on what you’re looking for can be tricky. There are a number of trampoline categories to sift through, not to mention the mounds of trampolines to go through, which is why we’re bringing you the best trampolines of 2019 to give you a list of our favorites per category!


Best Rectangle Trampoline 2019

Our top pick for the best rectangle trampoline 2019 is the Rectangle Trampoline With Enclosure by Skywalker. You can get it right now for the low price of approximately $548, which is a great price for a 15-foot trampoline.

It’s made of a galvanized steel frame and reinforced T-sockets that stabilize the top enclosure frame to the entire frame itself. This prevents structural twisting over a long period of time.

The enclosure netting interlocks with the jumping mat using a button-hole type feature that attaches it at each V-ring to the surface. The enclosure netting itself is made of a high-quality polyethylene material that offers ultimate durability and even UV protection.

The spring pads, which are extra wide in size and also offer UV protection, are full of foam padding that offer additional durability and comfort. They attach themselves to the frame, the V-rings of the jump mat, and the frame using multiple reinforced stretch bands that ensure full security and a trampoline that will last.

It has a maximum weight limit of up to 250 pounds and a No-Gap enclosure system that will keep everyone safe while jumping.
Best Rectangle Trampoline 2018

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Best Square Trampoline 2019

The Square Trampoline and Enclosure With Spring Pad by Skywalker is arguably the best square trampoline 2019 has to offer. With a high number of 5-star reviews and a price sitting around $407, you can’t go wrong with this one.

The heavy-duty Camouflage spring pad is backed up by the galvanized steel interlocking frame and a patented No-Gap free enclosure design. It has a total of 96, thick, steel springs that are built to last and is 14 feet of fun jump action with a maximum weight limit of up to 250 pounds.
best square trampoline 2018

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Best Round Trampoline 2019

The Trampoline With Enclosure Net and Poles by Zupapa comes in a handful of different sizes – 12, 14, and 15 feet. You can make the choice when it comes to how much room you have in your backyard, with varied prices based on size. 12 feet, for example, will cost you $400.

They have a special warranty on right now! If you make a purchase before March 31st, 2018, you will get a free extension warranty starting May 1st, 2018. Your warranty will be extended from 1 to 6 months without you having to do so, as it does it automatically.

The net enclosure, if you purchase the 12-foot model, is 6 feet high. The frame of the trampoline, no matter the size you choose, is made of galvanized steel for ultimate durability and stability that will last as long as you need it to.

The weight limit, however, also depends on the size you choose. The 12-foot model, for example, has a weight limit of up to 330 pounds.
Best Round Trampoline 2018

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Best Mini Trampoline for Kids 2019

There are so many great kids trampolines, but we’re going with the My First Trampoline by Sportspower as the best mini trampoline for kids in 2019 to get them started. It’s perfect for kids older than toddler years, but toddlers can get the hang of this one, as well. It’ll currently cost you around $111, which is a definite bargain.

It’s a heavy-duty mini trampoline that features a foam outer edge and a design that’s low to the ground for ultimate safety purposes. It has both a durable and versatile design that makes it perfect for use both indoors and outside.

More specifically, it’s made of a durable steel frame with galvanized steel tubes that prevent any rusting. Extra stability is gained from the steel tube leg and unique blow-molded plastic to create a solid mini trampoline for kids.

It has a maximum weight limit or around 100 pounds, perfect for kids, with a spring pad and jump mat made using UV-resistant materials that protect against wear.
best trampoline for kids 2018

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Best Rebounder Trampoline for Adults 2019

The 36” Folding Trampoline by Stamina is our top pick for the best rebounder trampoline for adults 2019 for many reasons. It has an exceptionally cheap price tag, coming in at only $32!

It’s a simple rebounder that only weighs 14 pounds, making it easy to fold it up and put it away. Though it’s small in both weight and size, it has a maximum weight capacity of up to 250 pounds.

It has a rugged, all steel frame with 6 detachable legs and a heavy-duty rebounding surface that includes a safety pad. Each band is 2” wide for a thirty-band tension resistance that adds to the stability and durability.

You also get a limited manufacturers warranty for a year on the frame and a total of 90 days on the parts, which is always a good plus.
best rebounder trampoline 2018

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Best Water Trampoline 2018

Take a look at all of our Top Rated Water Trampolines here!

We’ve chosen the 13’ Bounce N Splash by Island Hopper as our best water trampoline 2018 pick because it’s an awesome water trampoline. It’ll cost you roughly $950 and has a diameter of 13 feet.

It’s made of heavy-duty reinforced 1,000-denier PVC and acts as both a water trampoline/bouncer and a swimming platform. It eliminates the need for springs, instead using interlaced nylon webbing for the mat with a 0.5” foam padded perimeter.

It comes with a safety ladder that is incredibly easy to install, 3 swimmer handles, and 3 D-rings for an anchor tie that promotes secure and safe mooring. The weight limit, however, is made unclear by the manufacturer.
best water trampoline 2018

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Best Family Trampoline 2019

The 15-Feet Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline by Skywalker is our top choice for best family trampoline 2019 because it brings both sports and the fun of using a trampoline to the table. It comes in 6 different color choices and will cost you roughly $330.

It’s made of a reinforced t-bracket construction that provides ultimate structural stability. The No-Gap enclosure system attaches the net to the jump surface through each of the 96 springs, ensuring that there are no gaps to slip into. It’s a tightly woven system using polyethylene for both UV protection and all around durability.

It comes with a basketball hoop and a ball that is made of soft materials, making a trampoline/basketball game that’s fun and challenging for the whole family.
best family trampoline 2018

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Best Toddler Trampoline 2019

The 7’ Climb N’ Slide Trampoline by Little Tikes is the best way to get your toddler interested in trampolining. It’s our top pick for the best toddler trampoline 2019. Even though the price, $716, is a high one, don’t be swayed. Yes, it’s a high cost for a toddler trampoline, but it’s so much more than that.

It has a jump surface, stairs, and even a little slide, guaranteed to make the whole experience a fun one for your toddler or child.

It uses 2 zipper enclosures to ensure your toddler is having a safe play session. It has a high-quality, durable pad protector that cover up all of the springs so no fingers or toes are pinched when in use. Additional safety foam covers all of the exposed metal, so no worries there, either.

The frame is made of a blow-molded, durable plastic that is designed to withstand the outdoor elements. It has a maximum weight limit of up to 150 pounds.
Best Toddler Trampoline 2018

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Best Indoor Trampoline 2019

While the 5Feet Outdoor & Indoor Trampoline by Langxun is both an outdoor and indoor trampoline, it made our top pick for the best indoor trampoline 2019 for many reasons. For one, it only costs up to $127, which is a great deal.

As the name states, it’s only a 5 foot trampoline, which is why it’s perfect for indoor use. It’s made of a galvanized steel frame that includes reinforced T-sockets to stabilize the upper area of the enclosure in order to protect the entire trampoline from warping and twisting.

The safety enclosure netting is made from a high density, UV treated, tight weave, PE thread material. The heavy gauged 4” springs and entire frame are rust resistant, if you choose to bring it outside, so you won’t have to worry about that. The poles are all padded to ensure no one hurts themselves if they bounce into them.

It comes with a warranty that only covers up to 220 pounds, but the maximum weight limit it can handle is actually 330 pounds.
Best Indoor Trampoline 2018

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Best Outdoor Trampoline 2019

We chose the Round Trampoline With Safety Enclosure Net by ANCHEER as our best outdoor trampoline 2019 because it’s incredibly versatile and gives you a few options. You can choose between 12 feet, 14 feet, and 15 feet. The 12-foot model will cost you around $360.

It has a heavy gauge, galvanized steel frame with rust resistant springs and a PVC foam safety pad. It also has a PE durable enclosure with a maximum weight limit of up to 330 pounds for the 12-foot model.

The dual closure system ensures that no one has a chance to bounce and fall out or off of the trampoline. The closure system uses dual zippers and a latch clip that give the net tension around the whole perimeter, ensuring full safety at all times.

The heavy-duty 3-step galvanized steel ladder is included for safety reasons, as bouncing off the trampoline isn’t safe and should never be done.
Best Outdoor Trampoline 2018

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Best Adult Trampoline 2019

We chose the Stratos Trampoline With Full Enclosure Net System by SkyBound as the best choice for our best adult trampoline 2019 pick because, like our previous review, it’s very versatile and offers a couple of options. The price range goes from $650 to $900 depending on whether you pick the 12’, 14’, or 15’ model.

It has a rust-resistant galvanized powder-coated frame with 12 poles for the safety enclosure with massive 8.5” springs that offer superior bounce. The UV resistant safety net installs directly into the jump surface to ensure all the bases are properly covered before use.

It’s also made of 6 heavy-duty W-shaped legs that also work with 8.5” premium, gold and zinc-plated springs for protection against corrosion. The maximum weight this one can handle is up to 330 pounds. It’s perfect for adults who want to let off some steam, get a good workout in, etc.

What’s more, it comes with a 10-year frame warranty, too!
Best Adult Trampoline 2018

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FAQ About Best Trampolines of 2019

If you don’t see your question, or an answer to it, listed below in our FAQ section, get in touch with us and we’ll do our best to help you out!

What is the best age to introduce my child to a trampoline?

Any age, really, but it’s safer if you do so when your child can hold their head up and stand on their own. As long as they can grip a handlebar, I see no problem in getting them a toddler trampoline that is small in size and features a handlebar that they can hold onto for safety reasons.

Should I get a trampoline with safety net enclosure?

Absolutely. Having a trampoline with safety netting makes everything more safe, especially if you have kids that are going to be using it, too. The last thing you want is a hospital trip because one of your kids took a head dive off of the trampoline.

What’s a rebounder trampoline?

Rebounder trampolines are used indoors, most of the time, for adults to exercise with. Rebounding on a trampoline gives your entire body a workout that is less stressful on your joints when compared to running or power walking, for example.