How to Clean a Trampoline

Everyone who owns will at some point start to notice that the more they bounce, the more they will start to notice they get dirty when jumping. An extremely dirty trampoline mat can leave a black layer of dirt on your feet, knees, hands, and all other areas of your body that touch the mat. This can stain clothes and make you not want to get on it at all. Since we do not want you to give up jumping because of it, we are here to tell you how to clean a trampoline and mat, because we know that most of the time; rain isn’t enough of a wash.

Supply List for Cleaning Trampolines

If you have a lot of loose debris on the trampoline, you will want to take a broom out with you to sweep it off. This may also loosen up some of the dust that has settled on it to make it easier to scrub later. From there, the important things you will need include a bucket, soap, warm water, a water hose, a scrub brush, and a few towels.

Start Scrubbing the Mat

Before you start scrubbing, you will want to use the garden hose to spray the mat with clean water. This will get the surface dust off it and moisten it so that the warm soapy water can penetrate easier. This will mean less scrubbing for you once the work starts.

Prepare your soapy water and make sure there is a sufficient amount of suds. Do not be afraid to use a good bit of soap. You will most likely need it, especially if your mat is very dirty. The scrub brush that you will want to use is one that is soft enough to not scratch the mat or damage it in any way. When scrubbing, make sure that you go over every part of the mat, springs, and pads.

After this is done, you will want to rinse the mat using the garden hose and dry it with towels. The towels should not be quality towels, because they may end up stained.

If you have a safety net that you feel needs a little TLC, you can spray soapy water on it and then rinse it away. It will not hold dirt the same way that other areas of the trampoline will, so it should be easier to clean.


Things to Avoid

When cleaning your mat, you should avoid firm bristles on a scrubber. You should also avoid using chemicals beyond soap and water. Using harsh chemicals may damage the fibers that make up the trampoline mat and even if it is not immediately noticeable, it may enable damage to form faster over time. This means you mat may end up worn out faster than it normally would.

You will also want to make sure you understand that there are things you need to consider when cleaning a trampoline. For instance, wear clothes that you do not mind getting wet. You should also keep in mind that a wet mat becomes very slick, especially when you add soap to it. Do not stand on the mat or do anything that may cause you to slip off it. There are also insects that may come to help you with the cleaning process. Wasps and bees are the most common annoyances. You should be prepared for it and watch out for them.