Best Inflatable Water Park : Cool Slides for Children

During the summer, parents have a very difficult challenge each year. Parents everywhere have to figure out how to keep the kids entertained when there is no school. It is not easy because even though school is out, parents still have to go to work and the temperatures outside get so high that kids may not want to venture out to play much.

The kids that do venture out, often choose to go swimming pools if they are able to, but this does pose some risk unless there is someone at home with them to watch over them. If not in shaded areas trampolines and bounce houses can become hot from the scorching sun. Now, there is a better way for kids to play and parents to relax. An inflatable water park and/or slide is a great way to beat the heat and have fun at the same time.

Why Water Slides Are Cool

Most people, both young and old, enjoy spending time cooling off in the water. That is why beaches, lakes, and swimming pools are so popular. The problem is, kids often get bored with a swimming pool and even trips to the nearby lake or beach. This is because once they are in the water, they end up having to do the same thing they did the day before. An inflatable water slide changes all of that. They are shallow, so parents do not have to worry as much about their child playing on it and many of them offer a variety of activities to keep young body’s active. This will lessen the boredom that comes along with summertime blues and missing their school friends who are most likely on vacation.

Safety Matters

With an inflatable water park, safety should be a concern for parents because it does combine water and fun. It is also designed for kids who are young and are perhaps unable to swim. However, parents should consider it for their children because the inflatable plastic does not create a deep pool in any area. It is made of a heavy duty plastic that will resist punctures and loss of air. There are safety nets to ensure children do not fall off of the highest areas of the bounce house water play area. Overall, there is a very little risk of children sustaining an injury while they are having fun and this is great news for parents.

Are They Expensive?

Inflatable water park prices can vary but the more you pay for the more you get. These are long-term investments and therefore the price should be considered over many years not just one or two. If you look at the price of a swimming pool and the accessories that are required to go along with it, you really are not going to see too much more expensive with a water slide play area. With these items there are no chemicals necessary and you get everything you need to get it up and going. All that you really need to provide is the children and the garden hose. Then you simply kick back and watch the fun begin.

Below are some of the most popular and best inflatable water parks and slides available. Please read each section before choosing one for you and your kids.


Pirate Blaster Inflatable Water Park

This inflatable water park features a pirate theme that will appeal to most kids. It is a very large play park at 20x12x8 and it is great for kids ages 3 and up. Included in the park, you will find a water slide, a mini bounce area, safety netting, water cannons, and a tunnel for kids to crawl through. Accessories include a sprayer with a flow regulator, the blower to keep it inflated, ground stakes to keep it stable, and a 25’ power cord. It can hold up to 600 pounds at one time. This means it is a great idea for summertime parties where kids will be. Read More Here⇒


Blast Zone Spray-n-Splash 2 Inflatable Water Park

This simple inflatable water slide promises to provide hours of fun for up to 4 kids at one time. When it arrives at your home and you open the box, you will find everything you need, including the blower, stakes, and the slide in its very own carrying case. All you have to do from there is unroll it, hook it to the blower, use the stakes to hold it in place and attach your garden hose. Kids will be playing and splashing within minutes. It is great for any child who is able to climb up the ladder. Please make sure you completely dry it off before putting it back in the carrying case. Read More Here⇒


Banzai Adventure Club Water Park

When kids are begging for some fun, it is a great idea to pull out the Banzai Adventure Water Park. It features two curved water slides that take kids down into a splash pool and it also has two water cannons to further entertain those who are not sliding. This water park is made using 100% PVC with Dura-Tech. This ensures that your water park will be usable for many years. It is easy to inflate using the included blower and it deflates quickly so that you can store it when not in use. At its highest point, it does reach about 8ft and it is able to hold up to 200 pounds. Read More Here⇒

Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race Bouncer

This water play area gives kids a safe place to play at a price that will not break your bank.  It features a climbing wall, two slides, a dump bucket for pouring water onto your child’s head, and a splash pool that kids will love. Parents have the luxury knowing that their kids are playing safe because there is no part of this water play area that puts your child out of view. The entire water slide play area is secured using stakes in the ground. It inflates quickly and deflates completely for storing. It is designed for up to four kids or 350 pounds. The recommended age for fun is kids who are between 5-10 years old. If you already have a Little Tikes trampoline you know they make quality products and this would be a great addition. Read More Here⇒



Blast Zone Crocodile Isle Inflatable Water Park with Dual Slides

The Blast Zone Crocodile Isle water park is very friendly and fun.  It inflates quickly, in less than two minutes, and offers a great play space for up to 5 children at one time. There is also a very large splash pond that kids can get soaked in. This pool area can also include balls if your child wants them. On the slides, there are water sprays that soak kids as they come down and kids never have to leave the inner lagoon to go back up thanks to the ladder being located in the center of the crocodile’s body. Read More Here⇒