5 Reasons to Buy a Trampoline for Christmas

Each year, parents and grandparents scramble to come up with ideas on what to get the kids for Christmas.  Many adults this year are looking for a way to lessen the time that their kids spend watching their computer screens and cell phones. They are also looking for ways to get their kids off the couch and away from the television. They want their kids to be more interactive with the world and perhaps become healthier by doing so. That is why one of the most popular choices for a gift this year may surprise you. Many parents are leaning toward a trampoline and we have come up with a list of why it is so popular a choice. Here are the top 5 reasons to buy a trampoline for Christmas.

Sales and Better Prices

This is pretty much a no brainer. Around the holidays stores, both online and offline offer great deals on items. You can find products that normally cost a good bit of money, for good prices. This is a great time to purchase a trampoline because many are not cheap, especially if you want one of the larger and/or safer trampolines on the market. If you time things up correctly, you could save a few hundred dollars on your trampoline purchase.


Great Gift for Multiple Kids and Adults

One thing remains consistent throughout the years since trampolines were first invented. They are fun to play on. Kids love the fact that they can bounce higher on a trampoline than ever before. They can do tricks and they can truly “fly” for the moment after their feet leaves the mat and until they return. Adults also enjoy jumping on them. Perhaps it is because trampolines are great exercise or perhaps it is simply because parents become kids again when they are bouncing. If you have multiple kids that would like to jump and play together we recommend buying a rectangular trampoline. The main reasons are their size and they have a more even bounce. It is usually frowned upon to have 2 or 3 kids play together on a round trampoline because they naturally force you back towards the center. This could lead to kids running into each other and getting injured. Rectangular trampolines also tend to have high weight capacities which is good for adults who want to jump too.


Usable All Year Round

Trampolines can be fun to use, regardless of the temperature outdoors. During the summer months, many people let their kids jump for awhile and then get in the pool to cool down. If you put your trampoline in a shady area, that should help eliminate it getting too hot from the sun. Please do not put a trampoline under a tree with low branches or any other low structure. This is a serious injury concern. Depending on the time or day and where your house sits you can put the trampoline on the shady side of your home to keep it out of the sun. In the winter, kids and adults can warm up when bouncing because it is a great workout to take part in. Some parents may shy away from buying a trampoline for Christmas because it is normally cold during that time of the year in many parts of the country. We’ve seen milder winters lately and some trampolines like the ACON Air, are actually designed to be used all year round. If you live in an area with mild winters, you will get plenty of use out of it.


Indoor Fun for Toddlers

Another great idea is to get smaller kids a mini trampoline that they can enjoy inside the home. There are a lot of toddler friendly trampolines on the market. Some have rubber guards on the legs or they are made with plastic legs to ensure your floor does not get damaged. Even hardwood floors will be safe with these trampolines. As an added bonus, some of these trampolines can be moved outside when the temperature and weather are good.


Do It For Your Health

Buying a trampoline is perfect for kids because it gets them to be more active  and helps tire them out. Exercise trampolines or rebounders make great gifts for adults. Having a new trampoline to use can give you an instant jump start on your New Year’s Resolution to become healthier, lose weight, and/or get more toned before bikini season comes around again. There are tons or different exercises you can do on them. Some even come with workout videos to teach you or you can just Google ideas. These trampolines are cheaper than traditional trampolines because they are smaller. Trampolines are just ideal Christmas gifts because they are such a versatile item. They are the one thing that no one will ever say, “You shouldn’t have” about.