Trampoline Protective/Weather Covers

If you own a trampoline, you know how much fun they can be. However, they do tend to get dirty and some will show their age if they have been left out in the weather for a length of time . That is why some people choose to protect their investment by getting trampoline weather covers for winter. This will eliminate the rusty springs, faded padding, and the stuck on dirt and leaves that come with the changing of the seasons.


Why Use Trampoline Covers?

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The reason why you may want to consider a trampoline weather cover is simple. Rain, snow, leaves, dirt, sun, and all other weather conditions may have an impact on how well your trampoline may look. It does not matter that most trampolines are made of weather resistant materials.

If you look at a trampoline that has been outdoors for many years, it will not look as brightly colored as a brand new, straight out of the box trampoline. It may still be function-able and safe to play on, but it will look like an old, worn out trampoline. Considering how much a trampoline will cost you if you buy it, do you really want to let it get nasty?

Benefits of a Trampoline Cover

You take measures to clean your car and protect it. Most people have a garage or a shed for their vehicle so that the sun does not damage the interior of it and so that heavy rains, falling limbs, etc do not cause damage to the exterior. If you have a swimming pool outdoors, you may cover it because no one wants to have to clean their pool out just to get inside of it, each and every time that they want to go swimming.
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If you have a trampoline, leaves can pile up, limbs may fall on it, rains will wet dust and that dust will turn into mud that sticks to the fibers of your trampoline. Weather resistant padding and safety nets, may be able to resist sun for many years, but sooner or later, plastic that has been heated up by the sun repeatedly will become brittle and crack.

The trampoline protective cover will ensure that none of these issues happen as quickly.

How To Install A Trampoline Rain Cover

Most trampoline rain covers come with grommets (little metal discs with holes in the center) around the edge and clips you can use to attach them to the frame. Some covers – usually those designed by a specific company for use with their own trampolines – simply wrap tightly around the edge of the trampoline and are kept in place with an elastic band, although these are usually unreliable and can fly off in strong winds.
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Other covers will attach directly to the frame with anchoring kits.

The clips or anchors fold over the spring pad – the part of the trampoline that you actually jump on – and can be attached to each other underneath the legs. In nearly all cases they will hook onto themselves and will require no additional tools.

Always read the instruction manual(s) included with your trampoline rain cover before assembly. And if you are concerned about your ability to properly install a trampoline rain cover, consider paying a little extra for expert installation (if it’s offered.)

Finding The Best Trampoline Cover For YOU

When looking for the perfect trampoline rain cover, there’s two things that you should be aware of. First: how to find the right size. And second: how to find a cover that works best for the weather in your area.
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Obviously, you want to find a cover that has the same listed size as your trampoline. So if you have a 12-foot diameter trampoline, the cover should say that it has a 12 foot diameter as well. We have provided a variety of sizes below, but there are other concerns as well when looking at cover size.

Does it need to wrap all the way around the trampoline, or is it okay if it just has straps attaching it to the frame? Do you want a “skirt” that covers the legs, too? That could be very important if you don’t have a rust-proof frame.

Then there’s the fact that different types of weather require different styles of covers. Having a trampoline rain cover that’s made out of a waterproof material like vinyl, plastic, or polyethylene is essential if you live somewhere that experiences a lot of rain.

You might also look for a cover that has some form of drainage so that the rain doesn’t all pool in the center and overload the trampoline’s weight limit. Frequent snowfall will require similar needs, although trampoline covers for snow are a little different – you can click here to learn more.

If you live in an area that experiences extreme heat, like the American Southwest, you may need a cover to protect your trampoline from the sun. Covers can be UV-proof, which prevents fading and other forms of damage. Sun covers can also keep the trampoline from getting too hot to jump on.

Weather Resistant Trampoline Covers

When you are ready to protect your investment, perhaps you should give one of the highest rated trampoline covers a chance to impress you. Here are a few examples of what others look for and seek when it comes to a trampoline cover to protect their jumping surfaces from extreme weather situations.

SuperTrampoline Cover

This trampoline cover is made of high quality weather resistant vinyl. It is waterproof and attaches securely to the trampoline to provide full cover to all of the important areas of your trampoline that may otherwise sustain damage after constant exposure to the environment. This 15 foot model also has a 14 inch skirt to cover the frame itself.
weather resistant trampoline cover

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Propel Trampolines Weather Cover

This is a trampoline enclosure cover that is designed to protect your trampoline from the sun, rain, heat, and snow. Though this cover was made by Propel and is designed for their own trampolines, any 12 foot trampoline should be able to take advantage of this model, which is made of is made of heavy duty 130g polyethylene.

One of the biggest benefits of this cover is the price – a mere $34.99 (at time of writing) that will keep your trampoline properly covered even if it lacks some of the more exciting features of the other trampoline rain covers on this list.
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Upper Bounce Trampoline Protection Cover

Anytime that you are not using your trampoline, you can simply slip this cover on and know that you have protected your mat from harmful wind, rain, and sun damage. It is available in a variety of sizes and all will attach to the frame using S-hooks that attach to the jumping mat’s V-rings. It is one of the cheapest covers available and works great.

The only downside is that it does not have the drain in the middle for water to run off.
upper trampoline cover for rain

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If you’ve already made the major purchase of buying a full trampoline, we see no reason why you shouldn’t do everything you can to protect your investment. Now that you know a bit more about the trampoline weather covers that are available for sale, we hope that you will be able to find a trampoline rain cover that works with your needs and your budget!