Rectangular vs Circular Trampolines

Trampolines have always been that fascinating thing in a playground. When we were kids, we always used to stand in that queue to jump an hour off in those big trampolines where worries would bounce off the head and no evil could touch you. Trampolines are becoming more common day by day, and the toy is becoming costlier. There are reasons such as better materials, the construction is safer and there are different shapes that are available to make the jumping experience as enjoyable as possible.

There are trampolines for kids, children, teens and even adults. Some of them are just universal where anyone can bounce off them without having a fear of breaking the trampoline or not getting enough joy. Trampolines apart from being a wonderful part of playtime, they are also a form of very good exercise, because they will work your muscles, joints, etc. They can also help you build up stamina for your body. Shapes such as rectangular, round, octagonal, etc., are puzzling the customer’s mind. So, without wasting much of your time, let us see a comparison between a rectangular trampoline and a circular trampoline.

Comparing Rectangular vs Circular Trampolines


You have heard about the terms radial and centrifugal force. This means that any given circular plate when subjected to pressure, the mass will be concentrated in the center of the plate. So how does this apply to trampolines? When the trampoline is circular and you bounce on it, there is a high possibility of you landing in the center, rather than other areas. People who use trampoline for performing tricks and use it for dancing, cannot really make use of the whole trampoline. So, if you have a rectangular trampoline, you can fall anywhere on the plate. There will be no radial force or centrifugal force that will pull you towards the center. This gives rectangular trampolines one advantage point over circular ones. When it comes to weight capacity both round and rectangle trampolines can offer low and/or high limits. Having a trampoline with a high weight limit is great for multiple jumpers or large adults. Since they both can offer a range of weight capacities we’d call this a draw.


As we talked about the centrifugal force and the radial force, rectangular trampolines allow you to use the whole surface area whereas circular trampolines will force you to use the central area. This can make a difference when you are trying to get a good workout. So, talking about the uses of these trampolines, circular ones have limited usage only. If you have a small space in your yard and you want to have a trampoline for your house, you can go for a circular one. If you are a gymnast or a dancer who wants to use the trampoline for performing tricks, the rectangular trampoline is the best choice for you as it gives you full control over numbers of things. Plus, if you are investing in the trampoline, then you might as well go for something that can serve as a recreational thing as well as useful for exercising to keeping yourself fit and healthy.

Cost Estimate

Round trampolines are very mainstream and it does not really take companies a lot of effort to make a round trampoline. They have been in the market for a long time and they are basically the default shape when you think about a trampoline. There is no need to make changes to the frame when you are assembling it. Companies can fit the material between the frame and the round trampoline is ready to go. Therefore round trampolines tend to be cheaper than the rectangular ones. At the same time there is more work that goes into manufacturing a rectangle trampoline. Also, the material has to fit precisely to make sure that it does not tear off the corners after some time. These make rectangular trampoline more costlier than round ones.


There has been a lot of research for the designs of trampolines. If the trampoline is round, the child is less likely to jump as high compared to jumping on a rectangular one. This is because, the circular design will absorb the power of the jump and reduce the height at which the next jump will be made. So, if you are buying the trampoline which is for the children below 13 years old, it is recommended that you buy the round trampoline for them as it would give them added safety and you can worry a little less when they are playing on the trampoline. If you buy a rectangular one, it will provide a higher bounce than the round one. There is some risk of spraining the foot or having another minor injury if you child is not able to control their jump intensity. But really kids can get injured doing anything such as riding a bike or going on the monkey bars. Also, if you are a beginner and buying a trampoline for the first time, a round trampoline is probably a better choice.


Trampolines are available in various shapes and sizes, out of which, round and rectangular are the most common. It is always recommended that you read the user manual and always keep a supervision when your child is on the trampoline. This way you can avoid injuries and have fun. So in conclusion, we suggest for you to analyze your needs and make a smart decision which kind of trampoline is best for you and your family. Deciding between rectangular vs circular trampolines can be tough but in the end as long as you buy a quality trampoline you should be fine.