JumpKing Trampoline and Safety Net Enclosure Combo 15′

Kids learn to jump almost as soon as they begin walking. They skip around, hop on furniture, and more. Not all of these things are safe for them to do. That is why a lot of parents choose to have a trampoline for their kids. It is the easiest way to have kids who love to bounce, be in a safe place for it. Trampolines, such as the JumpKing, are designed to keep bouncy kids off the bed and the safety net enclosure is designed to ensure jumping is as safe as possible. The question is, is it really worth it?

What Makes The JumpKing Worth Considering?

When it comes to safety, the JumpKing provides all that it can for your kids. It gives you a fully enclosed jump space thanks to the safety net. The mesh safety net has a dual zipper and buckle closure so you do not have to worry that they will be doing a trick and fall through the safety net entrance. The springs are all covered with a UV protected pad to give parents even more peace of mind, though the net also shields the jumper from the springs. It is also very stable due to the fact that it features “W” shaped legs all the way around it.

There are multiple sizes available for you to choose from. The smallest is an 8’ round trampoline and the largest is 15’ round style trampoline. The fact that it is round, should also give parents a worry free place for kids to bounce because round trampolines tend to hold the jumper in the middle of the trampoline mat. The only time this may be an issue for parents is if they will have several children jumping on the trampoline and they are not all approximately the same size.

This trampoline is also very durable. The entire frame and springs set is made of galvanized steel to ensure it lasts for many years. All steel that is inside of the jump area is covered by padding. The padding on it and the mat are all UV resistant. This means that you should not have to worry about damage happening to your trampoline, even if it sits outside year round.



*It has a fully enclosed jump space

*It can hold at least 250 pounds of children at one time

*Six padded poles hold the safety net securely in place

*The JumpKing is ideal for all age groups

*It is cheaper than other trampolines of the same size

*This trampoline is easy to set up



*Warranty is 1 year for frame and mat, 6 months for padding, 90 days for the enclosure net and other parts or accessories


JumpKing Customer Reviews

Virtually every review states that the JumpKing 15ft trampoline is easy to set up. Most say that it can be assembled within an hour and a half, with some customers saying it took less time, and that the net is the hardest part to deal with. They enjoy that it is large enough for the entire family and that multiple kids are able to get on it at one time, safely. Most current owners give it a five star rating because of its quality and the fact that their kids are safe on it. So far, the only person to give it less than five stars, did so because the safety enclosure zipper broke. Read Owner Reviews⇒

Is the JumpKing Worth It?

When it comes to trampolines, parents are the best people to ask. If they feel it is safe enough for their kids, then you can bet it has some very good qualities. With that in mind, along with the price of this trampoline, most people should be very happy with their purchase if they consider the JumpKing trampoline and safety net enclosure combo. It is perhaps one of the best basic trampolines on the market today.