Fit Bounce Pro Trampoline Review

When it is time for you to get on your feet and more active, a trampoline is ideal. They are fun to use and very effective if you want to get fit and put effort into your cardio workout. That is the promise behind the Fit Bounce Pro. To find out if it could be the key to success for you, you should continue reading our full review.


Features of the Fit Bounce Pro

  • Bungee Springs Ensure Quietness
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Folds Away for Easy Storage
  • Includes Workouts, Music, Trampoline, Storage Case, and Bounceometer
  • Max Weight Limit of 300lbs
  • 2 Spare Bungees Included with Purchase

Shipping Information

Shipping Weight: 28.4 pounds

Arrives in one box with all accessories


This trampoline is one of the quietest trampolines available so that you can work out anytime you want, even if it is before the kids get up. It folds up for easy storage under your bed or inside of the closet. The bounceometer will allow you to keep track of how much of a workout you are getting. It has as 40” bounce surface to provide you with a low impact, robust, workout that is ideal for weight loss, toning, strengthening and more. It can be used by elderly if you include the stability bar, which can be purchased separately.


This trampoline folds away for easy storage. According to some people, it is a little difficult to unfold without help when you first get it. They also feel that the stability bar should come with it instead of purchased separately. However, with the affordable price, this is not a major issue for anyone.

Owner Opinions of the Fit Bounce Pro

This trampoline received very good ratings from many of its owners. When you look through other reviews, you will find numerous people stating that it is an awesome rebounding trampoline. They love it from the start. Their purchase is rewarded with a very fast delivery and a well-packaged trampoline. From there, it only gets better. They say that it is very detailed, easy to set up, outstanding to use. It is a solidly built piece of exercise equipment that most feel comfortable using. You will find very athletic people and people in less than great shape using this trampoline. Just about everyone loves that they can take it with them on vacations with the carrying case. Some use the stabilizing bar that they purchased separately and some choose to use it without the bar. In all cases, it is definitely a rebounding trampoline that is worth considering. Please more info here.

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