Kid Active Trampoline

As parents, keeping kids safe and active is not always easy to do. A trampoline is a great way to get kids up and bouncing, but safety is a concern. That is where the Kid Active Trampoline by Diggin comes in. It is a better way for kids to enjoy the fun of bouncing while saving parents from worry.

Kids Active Trampoline Description

There are a lot of kid friendly trampolines on the market if you know where to look. However, this kid’s trampoline by Diggin goes well beyond the call of duty regarding safety and fun. It is a kid’s mini trampoline that is designed with bright colors to appeal to smaller children and built with durable materials that can keep older children bouncing all day long. It also steps up the fun a little more by including sounds!


Kid Active Benefits

This small indoor trampoline has two handles for your child to hold onto. This makes it a great mini trampoline for toddlers. They can jump while holding on to the bicycle shaped handlebars.

The mat and spring cover is all brightly colored to appeal to kids of all ages. It is triangle shaped to ensure it is small enough to fit anywhere, indoors or out.

This mini trampoline with bar also features a five-in-one multi-game sound system to help your child bounce and learn. They will be able to count bounces, hear silly sounds, animal sounds, and more. Total, there are 5 unique, bouncy sound sets that they will enjoy while learning to bounce safely.

It is a child trampoline that is recommended for ages 3+. However, kids can use it according to user reviews even if they are only two years old.

Bungee cords hold the mat instead of the more traditional springs which could pinch smaller children.

Kid Active Cons

Assembly is a little complicated. You definitely will need help to get it put together, and perhaps a little extra time.

It does require batteries because of its ability to play music while your child bounces. For some this may be a downside while other parents will not mind the batteries or the noise.

Safety Concerns

Some parents worry about an indoor toddler trampoline having springs and tipping over. To help parents feel better about having this child trampoline, the springs have been replaced with bungee cords. The metal frame is designed not to tip over, even if the child bounces very roughly. It is a mini trampoline with handles to help keep children safe. You simply have to watch them while on it to ensure that they continue to hold on to the handles that are available.

Most owners rave that it is the best mini trampoline available. They say that their kids love it and use it all the time. It does not take up much room in their home during the long winter months when children need a way to get up and get moving the most. During the summer, on nice days, parents can simply take it outside and their child can burn off excess energy in the sunshine.

The biggest complaint according to most of the negative reviews on this mini trampoline for kids is the simple fact, some may find it very difficult to put together. They half-jokingly say that you need a drink or two before you even begin setting it up because not all of the pieces will match up the right way and the assembly instructions are not easy to follow.

Overall though, if you want a kid friendly trampoline for your smaller child the Kid Active Trampoline by Diggin reviews show that it is a great option for most families. Especially if you can get through the assembly of it.